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As some of you have probably noticed, we're having a few issues on the forum at the moment. We're not 100% sure why it's happening at this point, but it would appear we've been hacked by someone who thinks it's some kind of a joke to attack us on database restructuring day. The admins are uncontactable at this point, but as soon as we can locate one of them, we'll get this sorted out and deal with those responsible for the prank.

You suck so much! all for your patience with this! It's all a wee bit strange.....

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I have heard that a worm was released today and that it has already infected a lot of computers and websites. I thought it was a joke at first but now I'm starting to see that it's serious.

I think it is pretty serious.

I hope the site will be OK.

I've got three Trojan horses right now I need to get rid of.

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I don't really usually post on here, I tend to come on here for the episode downloads but there's another forum I do post on that is having the same problems, it's really frustrating.

Which forum?

A lot of them are having the issue. It's probably all the popular ones.

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Seems like there are a lot of forums which have got the same problem. I have came up with 5 so far.

Today there's a new law in Sweden which allows celebrities to hunt down file-sharers and threat them to pay an amount of money. The expert believe that this worm has something to do with the owners of the copyright wanting revenge or something. It's really scary.

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