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Guys this site has been hacked.

It's pretty easy to hack into sites and servers nowadays.

BUT be careful people, a new virus worm called Conficker C was released 1 april and it has already infected a lot of computers and servers. This is not a joke, it's real deal and the FBI and Police are doing everything they can to catch the people behind it. If you don't have a virus program installed on your computer, shut it down! This worm isn't like other viruses, it's much more powerful.

It has already infected over 9 millions computers :o

Oh and if you find the people behind it, Microsoft will give you a lot of money! $250,000, to be exact.

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Yea well hackers are pretty good, and I have to be honest that A LOT of people are capable of it. I know some myself.

I'm much more worried about the worm, I'm so freaking scared and I really hope my virus program will keep it away.

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