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Pippa Fletcher/Ross

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Pippa Fletcher/Ross  

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I chose Debra.

I loved Vanessa's Pippa, she was fun and I could see why she'd be a good foster mum to those who didn't want to be fostered, as she wasn't trying to be a mum, but sometimes she wasn't mumsy enough - more like a youth club leader - and would've been better in a way for someone like Fin in the beginning - not wanting to give up on her own family.

The reason I chose Debra though is that you could almost put the change of character down to her losing Tom, she needed the kids as much as they needed her in a way. Also, Debra's Pippa was better for those who'd had an awful parent they wanted to get away from or had lost their own parents young, such as Sally. They were both great, but for me Debra had the edge due to her warmth.

I Disgree with you i found Vanessa Pippa nothing but mum and always made sure her foster kids felt at home and in polit episode when Tom lost his job and Stephen said he gone back to home if it will help and Pippa said at once no one going anywhere and made sure Stephen realise he was part of family and storyline in 1989 Sally uncle

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I chose Vanessa as she was the original Pippa, I spent more time invested in her storylines and I enjoyed her time on-screen.

I liked Debra too as she brought different qualities to the character and made it her own.

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