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  1. In our signatures, our we allowed to advertise our own sites?
  2. Hi there! I added you as a friend - hope that's ok : ) xoxo

  3. I just had some scones my husband baked. They were the first thing he ever baked and they were quite yummy !
  4. I dont much like her new hair either. I liked it when she had it short. Now it just makes her look older I think
  5. love the dog in your picture - is he yours? i'm trying to figure the breed for a while - looks like an ACD but, without seeing the body he could be tiny, lol xD

  6. Im very dissapointed with the script writers for not allowing Irene to be happy for a little while at least.... but yes, what a powerful performance by Lynne. Such a shame they have underutilised Irene for so long now, as Lynne is one talented actress.
  7. Today's newspaper, the week's grocery shopping, my nail tech (refills and repair of 2 busted nails)
  8. Galvanise by The Chemical Brothers.... on Rage
  9. The Kite Runner. I cried all the way through it. I bawled through the book too
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