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  1. What was the song that was played when Martin Dibble left the bay in Episode 507.
  2. There was another song that i remember that got played alot it was. Talk About Love - My Friend The Chocolate Cake
  3. Ricky remind me of Tasha Andrew who was in home and away 2003 - 2006 [ Isabel Lucas ] they look like sisters.
  4. Whatever happened to Watson.? i thought they could have done more storylines with her.
  5. It's about time they give Watson a main storyline. We don't know where Watson is living..? We never get to see her out of her police working hours. we don't see her in love with anyone.? It's about time, we got to see all of this from Watson.
  6. Where is Watson ? i've not saw her for a long time. it's time to bring her back. i would like to see Waston play a bad cop who gets away with everythink.
  7. I think that May looks like Constable´╗┐ Terri Garner from mid 90s, both got the same looks.
  8. It's just gone very dark here in Birmingham and it's just about to come down, It could even thunder. Edit - It's raining heavy now.
  9. Does anyone know what was the number episode where Chloe went away with Brad and then Brad tryed to kill Chloe.
  10. It's raining again in the West Midlands, I got a little wet. As soon as i got back home it's stopped raining and brighten up and the sun is trying to come out.
  11. The West Midlands in the uk [ where i live] is now having another big thunderstom and lightning again this afternoon and it's raining heavy. This is the 3rd thunderstom in just the last 4 weeks.
  12. The West Midlands had a big thunder stom and lightning this early morning around 7am, The thunder woke me up.
  13. Brendan reminds me and also he's acting the same way as of another character who was in Home and Away years ago called Nico Pappis.
  14. Cat3

    Coronation Street

    Sad news today for Itv cutting down on there programmes. Itv maybe cut down on the number of episode per week on Coronation Street.
  15. As of now i've just got a new start in my life. How is everyone in here, its been a long time since i last posted in here.
  16. The 7pm episode will be showed again on Fiver at 6.30pm today as in Tuesday, hopes that helps everyone.
  17. It's snowing right now here in the midlands on Easter sunday. It's the end of march, nearly april and it's snowing outside.
  18. At the end of april Five Life will be changing there channel name and the channel will be called Fiver and there plus channel will be Fiver + 1. Home And Away will still be on Fiver. [ Five Life]
  19. This episode was a great one and i really enjoyed it, well done to Kate and Josh for playing a great episode as sally and miles. [ milco] Why don't sally put a phone or mobile phone in her bedroom, then she don't have to go downstairs all the time the phone goes.
  20. Hi everyone, it's been a long whille since i last posted in here. How is everyone doing.?
  21. Cat3

    Coronation Street

    I wonder if we will see Terry at the funeral and i bet Jack will have a good cry when Vera dies.
  22. Hi everyone, how is everyone doing.?
  23. It's so glad to hear that your well again rosey. Today is the longest day of the year.
  24. It's looks like it's going to be another hot and sunny day today around parts of the uk.
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