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The episode where they were both drowning their sorrows and got together was on in Ireland last night and it really was hot. I had forgotten about their affair what with the 7 week break but seeing those scenes again really got be excited about what the future might hold for these two.

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Charlie and Angelo are now my new favorites. They are great as two seperate characters, and they are great as a couple/fling/whatever you'd want to call them.

I like Changelo together, but I'm afraid they'll be ruined... like most couples. :P

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Changelo is a great couples name! Charlie would have to be drunk the whole time though, because she's so icy and stand-off-ish when she's sober, Angelo would have a difficult time getting a laugh out of her. I really like both characters though, and while I would like to see them together, I get the feeling they would be a bit like Tachel - only together because things didn't work out with someone they REALLY loved. However if they just want to be 'friends with benefits', that could work out quite well for them. As long as Angelo has to take his shirt off its all good.

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Love it! :lol:

Just discovered this thread, and I can well and truely say that I'm getting on board this bandwagen before it takes off!!

I think they'll make a great couple...Angelo's cheeky bright nature will balance out Charlie's more serious side (once all the Jack's killer stuff is sorted, which I hope it will).

Even their first few scenes where they were on patrol in the cop car together were fun.

Changelo.....bring it on! :P

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^ Yes, they have great chemistry. Charlie was been great in the way she handled the "sting" attempts. She was cool and professional but also portrayed that she really, really didn't want to believe it was Angelo who killed Jack. I think her sting attempts were probably more about her wanting to prove him innocent than guilty. You could see the torture on her face when he finally confessed to it yesterday. I'm really looking foward to seeing today's (Wednesday's episode).

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Hot. Hot hot hot, hot hot, hot. Hot hot hot. Hot hot? Hot.

Hot hot.

Hot -_-

Oh, wait, I'm having flashbacks of that Subway commercial with the talking chilli. :P "Too hot. Too spicy. Hot hot!" :D

The recent events made me love this couple even more. There's no trust or no loyalty. It's just chemistry. And it's totally awesome. They're polar opposites, but they work really well.

I'm torn about whether or not I want them to stay together. They're awesome now, but what happens when the writers get their teeth into them? Will they be ruined?

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I think there is a certain kind of loyalty there... somewhere... deep deep down... under the surface... :huh:

I prefer them as friends and partners. Lovers makes things complicated, but I won't complain about seeing some saucy action while it lasts :wink:

I wouldn't say that cops are my thing, but those two... the uniform does it for me...

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