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So much to possibly include in here :P Where to get started haha!

Well, I know they always say, don't fall for your best friend - and I will say, I agree. I did, and, even though after roughly nine years that I fell for him, we got together, it was never in the capacity that I wanted [an openly known relationship] and instead, had to be kept a clandestine secret every time that we met up romantically. In the end, after over a year, I told him I wanted out - and to go back to being just friends.

Then again, they always say it's impossible to go back to being just friends - I don't agree. We've managed that transition pretty well, and, even though there's still chemistry between us, both of us know that we'll never go back down that path again! :)

So, I say - if you have feelings for a friend, don't be afraid, and not necessarily always need to shy away just because he/she's a friend and mightn't have them back. It doesn't always have to come in the way of friendship, though I appreciate that sometimes it can cause awkward moments but, we'll never find love if we hide from it :wub:

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Listen to your gut!

I was recently dating someone for 3 months and for the last two months of it I wasn't really very happy and felt unsure about everything and wanting to break up, but for no reason i could explain. In the end we did split and are now friends which is better for both of us. Just wish I'd listened to my gut initially and saved myself the month of stressing.

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I was working at a hotel and met my current partner, But at that stage we only were talking as friends.. Years passed and while I was working at Channel 7 he started delivering Nudie Juices (The Best fruit drinks!!) And I thought I recognised him, But knew deep down that I had a very bad crush on him. It took me 4 months of unsubtle flirting and everyone picking on me. For me to get my ex-boss to give him my number, Almost a year later things are still going amazingly well and I love him with all my heart and soul. He is so romantic and spontanous. He brought me jewellery just because I had a bad day at work, I honestly don't know what I would do without him!! :wub:

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