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  • Birthday 09/24/1983


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    home and away.. supernatural... criminal minds.. greys anatomy.. all saints

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    some times here.. some times there
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    being random.. music.. chilling with my best friends.. and just being myself..

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  1. The Big Bang Theory, Just can't go wrong with some Sheldon Cooper
  2. Happy birthday Tan, hope you have had an awesome day :D

  3. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to Tan. Happy Birthday to you. :D Hope you have a good one & have a drink for me too. :P

  4. Can of Woodstock (Bourbon) Just because its an early celebration.
  5. Cold and Flu tablets, apple juice and some soup.
  6. A packet of soothers for my sore throat , my lunch and my bosses lunch.
  7. Todd doesn't come on here, But not sure about the others. Happy Birthday Toddles!! I miss you
  8. Gran Torino, I absolutely fell in love with this movie. I have to say one of Clint Eastwoods best
  9. I've been okay. It's summer holidays so better than usual. Go back to school next week though :( Drop us a line on Facebook sometime :)

  10. Hey Tan, how are you?

  11. Hey hunni.. Been good, working, going on some road trips with my man and just being randomly weird as always.. hows yourself?

  12. Love your av. Christie <3 :P How you been Tan?

  13. Gorgeous (Well I'm hiding inside in air-conditioning) But outside is sunny, warm and a breeze, A PERFECT New Years Eve!!
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