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  1. The Big Bang Theory, Just can't go wrong with some Sheldon Cooper
  2. Can of Woodstock (Bourbon) Just because its an early celebration.
  3. Cold and Flu tablets, apple juice and some soup.
  4. A packet of soothers for my sore throat , my lunch and my bosses lunch.
  5. Todd doesn't come on here, But not sure about the others. Happy Birthday Toddles!! I miss you
  6. Gran Torino, I absolutely fell in love with this movie. I have to say one of Clint Eastwoods best
  7. Hey hunni.. Been good, working, going on some road trips with my man and just being randomly weird as always.. hows yourself?

  8. Gorgeous (Well I'm hiding inside in air-conditioning) But outside is sunny, warm and a breeze, A PERFECT New Years Eve!!
  9. Beautiful, Some clouds gorgeous breeze and lots of sun
  10. Its midnight here and I'm watching a storm thru the window.. Lots of lightening and as usual can't sleep
  11. Stephy Stephy bo bephy?? I got no idea why I wrote it.. Just made me giggle... How you doing cutie?

  12. Currently watching Death Race, Its not too bad, wishing there was some more racing tho lol..
  13. I guess knowing when his final scene was that made it much more sadder. Seeing John Howard emotional when he walked into his office just set me off crying even more. I don't think I could have watched that episode without my partner. I was a blubbering mess, But at the same time was dissappointed that they didn't do a tribute at the end. (They might have done it at the beginning I missed it by a few mins) R.I.P Mark.. I feel the better of a person for knowing you.. xoxo
  14. Well now its been a while since I wrote on here lol...Supernatural is kicking along.. its awesome.. and I see on faceybookie that u were sick... what happened and are u all good now?

  15. Heya Cal.. Today is awesome.. NO SARAH PALIN (*chuckles*) But instead a Black President who the world will love... oh and I found $35 in the street.. TODAY ROCKS!! How's your day hun?

  16. I'm a few days late but to the gorgeous Christy Hayes, Happy Birthday Cutie xx
  17. That sucks.. I know that some of the guys that were at the party were hiding in the bushes and jumping out screaming at the kids.. All I could do was laugh... mean?? nah... drunk yes!! I just d/led the last two eps of supernatural.. watching them soon!!!! can't wait *squee*

  18. Well the costume was NOTHING like she promised so I didn't take it. I used an old dress added a cape and a bat headband.. It turned out better then I expected.. I added pics on my facebook ^_^

    How was your halloween?

  19. From what I have been hearing people are going all out for this thing.. the scary part is the lady who is doing my costume hasn't finished it yet!! ARGH!!!

  20. haha I can't watch it :P I'm off to a halloween party tonite as a witch ^_^ or a fallen angel.. haven't reallllllllllllly decided yet.. but I hope its a good ep...

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