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The Awkward Reunion (by wrongturntaken) - comments

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Aw, poor Belle! Her injuries sounded awful!

But I love that all! I loved how she kept putting it off, you could tell that she wanted to tell them but at the same time she didn't if they weren't going to be nice and see the real Aden. And I felt so bad for him! :(

Glad they told them in the end, and I liked that ending with them accepting them. The scene in the diner was funny with the 6 of them watching Aden interact with Geoff and Nicole and trying to predict what would happen :lol:

Would love to read the alternate ending :D


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All I can say is aaw and well aaw!!!!

That was so cute. That's the way I would want it to happen on the show.

You could so tell that they love each other

I would love to see the alternative ending that you spoke about at the start but I don't think it can be better than this.


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Awww Belle :( glad she has Aden to get her through everything :D

I felt so sorry for Aden, just glad she told them in the end. Really happy they accepted them - well the girls did lol

Loved it all, fantastic one shot.

I would LOVE to read the alternative ending!!

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How could you not be sure about that?! That was brill once again! :D

I loved the beginning when Aden just basically ignored everyone else to comfort her. So sweet :wub:

Felt soooooo sorry for Aden when Drew said that stuff about the PTS and how he was probably the cause of it, and when she stayed silent :( But I'm glad you made it all better [should know by now you would :lol: ]

Awesome once again!


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Wow!!! they were both really good

Loved how you showed that its Aden who knows everything about her now in this one :D

Loved fiesty Belle!!! and her talk with Aden in the kitchen

Both of them are seriously fantastic! i cant choose my have lol

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Awwwww I loved everything about the alternate ending and the one shot

Awwww poor Aden when Drew was being mean about what Aden used to be like :(

I loved how sweet Aden is towards Belle when she comes into the diner in the alternate ending and Aden's helping her :wub:

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i really enjoyed reading this - you did a great job with it, and keeping it interesting!

The only part I would have a thought on [if it's ok for me to say!] is where they're explaining what happened to Belle; it seemed a little 'crowded' to cram them all into the same sentence - the alternative ending was far better, in my view, because Aden took the time to explain it more. Although, I'd suggest using "attack" instead of "bash" - just a personal thing though.

Really enjoyed it though; Im gonna go see if you've written any other fanfics now :D

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