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    Glee was on TV3 in Ireland tonight!! It was fabulous, really interesting twists and some very funny bits!
  2. I've been watching Glee online! It's the most amazing show ever, it will go down in history! This clip brought me to tears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgsRof2dtwQ I love Glee!!!
  3. Wow!!! The end of the most amazing era ever! I absolutely love all your fics and can't wait to see what happens in the future. I love that Belle is pregnant again and that Mattie and Ric are engaged! Thank you so much for the most fantastic writing ever!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. I'll help!!! I have been reading this fic but haven't had time to comment! I love it and think that the storyline is really unique! Update soon xxxxxxx
  5. On Saturday I saw Taken with Liam Neeson I'm never going abroad again after seeing it! Its not really scary or anything its just that it could happen
  6. I think she was stung in 4247 but we see the aftermath in 4248- when she was found etc. I'm not sure though!!! Hope that helps
  7. Same! The weather in this country is the most unpredicatble and annoying thing in the entire world!
  8. Someone's been a busy bunny!! Everything today has been impecable, amazing and undescrobable, I loved the way you potrayed Geoff and Nicole's relationship xxxxxx
  9. I never got a chance to update!!!! Loved it... racy fluff !!!!!!! Can't wait for the next chapter update soon xxxxxxxxxx
  10. My awful school uniform!!! But I can take it off until September now!!!! because I'm officially finished!!!
  11. It's like the hottest and sunniest it has been all year on a bank holiday weekend which you would think would be fantastic but I'm doing my junior cert on wednesday so I have to stay inside and study!!!
  12. That absolutely worth the wait and it most definitely made my day!!!! Loved every single word and every single description Krissy seems to bring out the best in everyone!! I was aawing throughout update soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. That's grand, I have exams coming up too so I know what pressure you're under Update whenever you can xxxxxxxxx
  14. Do you know if you are going to update tonight???
  15. baby girl!!!!!!! woop woop!!!!! That chapter was perfect because it was happy sad funny and you managed to get a fantastic banter going between them!!!!! i have to agree with everyone else- i've got a cheesy grin and tears too update soon xxxxxxxxxxx
  17. Loved it, it's great to have Amanda back!!!!! Poor Aden's head!! Update soon xxxxxxxxx
  18. Are you going to update tonight??? xxxxxx
  19. Just realised I hadn't commented!!!! Fantabulous chapter I loved everything about it !!!!!! Especially Justin!!!! xxxxxxxxx
  20. Do you know if you're going to update tonight??? I know you said that your updates will be irregular cause you've got exams(snapple I'm revising because I have some in June) but I was bored and couldn't resist checking!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  21. I just realized I hadn't commented!!! LOL Lurved it too!!!!!!!! Belle, she's just priceless Her talk with mattie was really sweet!!!! Update soon Xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  22. Do you know if there's going to be an update tonight??? (no pressure) xxxxxxxxxx
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