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Paul Moody here! It's weird I was kind of expecting to be called Cory Jones or Chad Anderson or something like that.

I did my family and my sisters are Bonnie Moreno and Beverly Cobb, my brother and his wife are Steve Castro and Mildred Carroll(my favourite by far!), my parents are Jeffery Underwood and Beth Garza, my nieces are June Cobb and Esther Walton, and my nephew is Leo Baldwin.


I was bored so I decided to do the characters from Home And Away:

Aden Jeferies - Miguel Blake

Alf Stewart - Ricardo Clarke

Angelo Rosetta - Michael Fox(I think that really suits him!)

Annie Campbell - Geraldine Cobb

Belle Taylor - Robin Larson

Bridget Simmons - Diana Guerrero

Charlie Buckton - Monica Ellis

Christine Jones - Elsie Scott

Colleen Smart - Phyllis Sanders(She looks like a Phyllis :lol:)

Geoff Campbell - Allen Warner

Irene Roberts - Janet Kelley

Jack Holden - Nathan Austin

Jai Fernandez - Lee Burgess

Kirsty Phillips - Lucille Moran

Larry Jefferies - Roberto Gutierrez

Martha Mackenzie - Amy Warren

Martin Bartlett - Stephen Andrews

Melody Jones - Debra Lamb

Miles Copeland - Luis Taylor

Morag Bellingham - Elizabeth Franklin

Nicole Franklin - Helen Hayes

Oliver Phillips - James Bridges

Rachel Armstrong - Katie Stephens

Ross Buckton - Keith Tyler

Ruby Buckton - Sara Torres

Tony Holden - Manuel Colon

V.J. Patterson - Jorge Webster

And some past characters:

Matilda Hunter - Janet Wheeler

Ric Dalby - Wesley Black

Axel Hay - Derrick Burke

Jazz Curtis - Roberta Butler

Sam Holden - Yolanda Parker

Sally Fletcher - Christina Morris

Cassie Turner - Debbie Parks

Johnny Cooper - Juan Hodges

Drew Curtis - George Goodman

Lucas Holden - Danny Sherman

Dan Baker - Gordon Poole

Brad Armstrong - Thomas Warner

Tam Armstrong - Tina Singleton

Kit Hunter - Katie Rivera

Kim Hyde - Gary Larson

Amanda Vale - Gloria James

Peter Baker - Dale Fowler

Beth Hunter - Juanita Morgan

Rocco Cooper - Dan Summers

Robbie Hunter - Aaron Blake

Tasha Andrews - Lorretta Lowe

Barry Hyde - Norman Jones

Flynn Saunders - Tony Fisher

Scott Hunter - Arthur Briggs

Hayley Smith - Julie Roberts

Jesse McGregor - Clyde Barker

Josie Russell - Megan Boone

Dani Sutherland - Crystal Paul

Jade Sutherland - Rebecca Holmes

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