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  1. Well if half of Martha's rellies can look like the cast of Prisoner there is no reason why Floss cant be related to Megan
  2. I like the continuity between this and the previous chapters, it makes it flow well. Megan is a great character I like her a lot, and Kim is a lot more human the way you describe him than he sometimes was on screen. The vulnerable and soft side comes across really well. They way all of your chapters intertwine without losing the thread is really clever.
  3. This is very good. I like how you got the violence and how she tried to protect little Nathan in to it, and how he grew up affected by what he saw. The viscious cycle of violence. Where is Damo tho, I hope he is OK? I hope its not too long before the next bit.
  4. I always read your fic, but have not commented before. I like your writing ILM, Its very good. I liked this chapter as it was different. I liked the urchin Irene and the little Benji with the wee running down his leg, it was very sad, and very real. There are lots of kids in the world like that. You described their hurt really well so we felt it, and it made me and my Mum cry.
  5. Another Martha hating Sam fan. hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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