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  1. Lynnes performance today was outstanding. I was blown away. This was by far and away the best episode of the year so far and I was gripped by the raw emotion of it all. It was absolutely phenomenal.
  2. That was another superb chapter ILM which I really enjoyed. I thought the care taken with little Kim and the Daddy crying scene was excellent, and I could actually see it in my head when I was reading it. I also liked Irene and Barry's first encounter and Barry's discomfiture was well described when he realised he had a date that night. I am looking forward to hearing how it went. The whole thing blended together perfectly and Will going off to get help whilst Kim was rescusitating Barry willing him to live after their previous difficult encounter was very moving. Have a pleasant holiday, but don't keep us waiting too long
  3. Yet again another beautifully crafted chapter Ilovemusic. It explains a great deal more about Hayley and I wonder if she and Gypsy could even bond if Hayley would let someone in. I very much like Megan and always enjoy(if thats the right word) her appearances, but am concerned as to what her vision holds for poor Gypsy. I loved Tramps and Thieves, even though it was totally heartbreaking, and will go back and read it again when I have more time.(I am off to the Mall now or I would read it now.) Excellent writing yet again. Keep it up.
  4. How amazing was Lynne tonight? She always puts in an absolutely superb performance whatever she is doing. It was lovely (even though I don't like Lou and I want Barry to come back )
  5. How fantastic it is to see Lynne getting some decent air time once again. The current story line is not going to be my all time favorite, for very obvious reasons . but I very much enjoyed seeing Irene getting all girly and worried about her date with Lou, even though I have convinced myself he is going to be Corey's uncle and twice as evil.
  6. Not Irene and Barry, you would not be so cruel, would you? Thank you so much for the latest chapters. I have dropped by today on the off chance of an update, as yours is about the only fic that I find time to read these days, and was so happy to find some great new chapters to read. I enjoyed them immensly. I was very moved by all of the events which as usual you have protrayed with such depth, such emotion, and such maturity. The way on which you described Gypsy's pain, while she retains her fierce independence; Will's cokiness is captured very well; and the relationship between Kim and his father is so poignant and heartbreaking. I love the relationship between Irene and Barry as you know and think you are doing an amazing job in showing how she softens him, opens him up and allows him to be the person he could have been were it not for Kerry's death. Thanks and I look forward to reading any future installments which you choose to write.
  7. Bareenfan

    All Saints

    I have to say that it has changed the genre and tone of the show, and I am not sure it ist going to hold the attention of fans such as ourselves who have bcome attached to characters like Von, Frank, Charlotte and Gabby. I do like Mike, but as a central character, he is not Frank, and he does not command centre stage in the same way, nor hold my affections in the same way. I hope that this episode was a one off to introduce the new team, but that it will not all be about them from now on, and that it will be more balanced, showing us the characters we know, love and admire, as well as giving us some believable and gritty story lines.
  8. I am sorry to hear that you are thinking about stopping this as it is one of favborites, if not my all time favorite fic. I was particularly looking froward to reading the Barry/Irene/Kim scene - you are one of the few writers who includes my favorite couple. I enjoy your writing very much, but you must of course make the decision for yourself and not for others and do what is best for you. I enjoyed the last chapter - is Kane really dead? That was dramatic and effective and I was gripped by the impact of it. Well done.
  9. I have been away over the holidays, and only just seen this. I like it. I always liked Dani, even though she was a spoiled little madam. I think I liked to dislike her if that makes any sense at all, and I liked the relationship with Rhys who was always so over protective it was a cliche. Poor Will, he does have the worst luck with women, and you have captured his emabrassment extremely well , and Dani's disdain at the end. It was always Gypsy with Will and I am glad you have kept it that way. I hope you had a good christmas. I look forward to reading some more as I always do.
  10. I totally agree. That was beautifully written. Your characterization of little Irene is superb and I can see her in my head when I read so clearly because of how you have written her. The emotion and the relationships which you describe is also beautifully described and I felt every bit of it. I am all anticipation about Barry telling Kim. I shall be biting my nails before I even start to read I am sure. Well done, yet another fantastic chapter.
  11. Well said, I could not agree more. I don't think everyone has to like Melody, at present she is not making it that easy to like her, but it is very short sighted to dismiss it all purely because one does not understand it or more importantly her. Sadly far too many people do that I find.
  12. I was devastated when Barry left and I do agree Claire that they fitted perfectly. For me they fitted in a way that none of the others with whom Irene has been paired(and here have been quite a few) ever did, because neither of them were perfect and because they had that something special, a spark and a chemistry which elevated it beyond the norm. The thought fo them bringing in someone else for Irene fills me with dread, for me Barry and Irene were and are soul mates just like Kirsty and Kane, Sally and Flynn, or Micheal and Pippa. Any one else will be second best, and if there is even the remotest chance they could get Ivar Kants back I would hope they go for it.
  13. Bridget began as such a warm and likable character, and she did seem to like Alf, and to be settling in well. One wonders why she feels the need to scam others out of their money, but I suppose that old habits die hard. It will be interesting to see if she has real feelings for Alf when the truth comes out, which it inevitably will, as he will be devastated when he learns of her deceptions.
  14. I find Melody extremely interesting and think Celeste is doing an amazing job playing her. Melody is a sad an confused girl quite unlike anyone we have seen before. She has no idea who she is as her mother has told her what to wear, what to eat, what to think, who to see etc... her entire life... she has had a breakdown and she has not recovered and now she has left her family home. for me she is character who is totally at sea and this is why she is like she is. This aspect of the character is being brilliantly portrayed by Celeste. I think that her desire to get back with Geoff is rooted in wanting to make sense of all of this chaos. I believe we have a lot more chaos and confusion to see from Melody before she works out who she is, and that is what is going to make her interesting to watch.
  15. Charlie shoots first and asks questions later - god forbid she does this as a police officer. , it make her so much more vulnerable and open to being hurt which paradoxically is the thing which sh fears the most.
  16. I am really enjoying how we are now seeing the more complex and darker side to Angelo's character. He always seemed rather too cheerful and now we are seeing an impassioned and uncontrolled side to him. When he told Aden he was not a good loser it was echoes of how Aden might have acted a year ago. How things have changed.
  17. I adore the character and wish very much that Irene would be treated with more respect by the writers. It feels as if they have forgotten her existence. I would disagree with Zetti , I have never found her condescending, a bit gobby as the saying goes, and can be quick to jump in where angels fear to tread, but her heart is always on the right place and she is always willing to admit it when she is wrong. The compassion which ran though all of her story lines a few years ago is less evident to today's newer viewers, but I think Lynne still manages to convey this despite the rather limited material she is given to work with.
  18. You underestimate yourself, and the site. The site stats on the home page tell us that there are often several hundred people on line in any 30 minute period. I am sure that, like me, a lot of forum members enjoy your story very much indeed. I was so pleased to see another chapter as I have very much missed this story. It is one of my all time favorites. I adore the way in which you describe the people in your story in such fine detail, and as Corey says it is as if we know them. They have become like friends, family even, they seem so real. Their motivations are very grounded and real, and related to events and feelings and evolve out of the story rather than are imposed upon them. I find Kim a very credible and endearing character and Gypsy's anger and vulnerability juxtapose so well. Everything fits and flows so effortlessly. Its exquisite.
  19. This is one of the funniest fic's that I have read since "Eduardo Bearo's All", its extremely good, well done!
  20. That was really thoughtful dedication ILM I am sure Frankie is still with is in spirit and is enjoying this as much as the rest of us. I enjoyed this, the ratcheting up of the emotions and the way Cassie gathers her courage was very well described and I was pleased that she stood up to Hayley at the end.I like how all of your chapters link together. Have a good holiday.
  21. Bareenfan

    All Saints

    I hope they dont kill her off or write her out, as Dan and Erica are such a great couple. I loved the wedding, trust Dan to get that pash in before the ceremony. I was pleased he made up with Luke. Erica looked lovely. Amy is annoying me intensely already and she has only been in two episodes. I think AS is going really well at present.
  22. Two years? That is some holiday! Have a good trip Kat, and return safe and sound.
  23. That was very good, I like Megan she has an ethereal quality which is very endearing. You have made Kim more vulnerable than I remember him, which is a good thing I think. I'm looking forward to Cassie and Hayley and also to the Barry and Kim showdown, that should be phenomenal.
  24. That was superb. You have caught the despair and desperation of alcoholism extremely well. The lack of a glimmer of hope is a good thing at this juncture, Irene has to be at complete rock bottom before she comes up again. Is she there yet? I feel in your story she isnt quite ready to let go of the bottle, and has even further to descend into the mire before she make the long journey to recovery. I hope you do write the follow up, as the turning point would be remarkable. You have described everything so vividly and made her old life seem very real and painful.
  25. That was beautiful in a heartbreaking way. You really know how to make me cry. I felt every bit of it. Well done.
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