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Karen, I love it ! :wub: There were so good clips and it all together was absolutely stunning ! Music was great too ! I hope you do more of these, you're so professional :D Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Made my day :)

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Aww Karen that was amaaaazing! Was it just me or did you slow down the scene where Rachel stroked Tony's bum in the gym :P Loved the music, it fitted really well and again, loved that you put in some scenes that I forgot ever existed!

I know this is your last one for a while but I hope this wont be your last ever one! I really love your videos, can't get enough Tachel :wub:

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I just watched your 2nd and 3rd Tachel videos. They are amazing. :wub: Great choice of songs too. :D It's nice to see clips from the start of their relationship too.

(I'll have to download the first video some time because youtube keeps telling me "This video is not available in your country". I've had that message before for other videos from other youtube members and even some celebrities' official channels. It sucks. <_<)

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