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Libby Temporarily Recast

Guest Dan F

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NEIGHBOURS star Kym Valentine has been forced to pull out of the show to recover from a collapsed lung and pneumonia.

McLeod's Daughters favourite Michala Banas will step into the role of Libby Kennedy from tomorrow as Valentine takes a one-month break.

Neighbours executive producer Susan Bower made the difficult and unusual decision to bring in Banas during the week.

Valentine, who has played Kennedy for more than 11 years, said handing over the role was extremely hard.

"It is heartbreaking. It is very, very hard to do, but I am trying to be strong about it and do what is best for me," Valentine said.

"I will be back. Don't you worry about that.

"I am so grateful for Michala. I am just so happy to be handing the role to her."

Valentine suffered a collapsed lung during a flight from New York to Australia on July 4.

She had oxygen administered by cabin staff when she passed out. She was taken to hospital in Melbourne and was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Banas said taking over the popular character was a huge challenge.

"I am going to be Libby, but I am not Kym Valentine."


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That is so weird i was just saying to someone the other day it would be great to have Michala Banas on Neighbours. I'm a bit disappointed that it's just to cover for Kym though, but it'll be good to see her and Brett Tucker reunited {i loved them together on McLeod's}. :D

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I'm really worried about Kym. I hope she gets better soon as she is my favourite actress on TV at the moment!

Michala Banas is a great actress as she used to play Kate in McLeod's daughters (quite ironic as Brett Tucker who plays Dan was her love interest in the Mcleod's!) But she will have a hard act to follow as Kym is an exellent actress.

The recasting was a right decision in my opinion

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And also, Scott Majors, who plays Lucas on Neighbours (and is currently Libby's BF) was in Always Greener with Michala Banas, and they were together in that show too!!! Hopefully Lucas is still around then; it will be good to see Scoot and Michala back on screen together too!

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I really don't think this is a good idea-it would have been better just to write Libby out rather than replace her with an imposter because Kym's been doing the part for so long she's synonymous with the role.

Temporary recasts are always an odd idea;Home and Away has done it a few times with mixed results, Neighbours did it once before with Cheryl, which I think is generally regarded as a bit of a disaster.

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