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  1. Star Trek, saw it today the 1st session on 1st day of release. Yes I'm a Star Trek fan boy. And it was AWESOME!
  2. pritnep

    All Saints

    That's exactly what I have been wondering I mean some scenes it fits and then some scenes it doesn't fit...
  3. Di

    Happy 19th Birthday...

    Thanks for putting the OZ ep's on the forum... x x

  4. pritnep from TSR?

  5. Australian I would assume. Kirsty and Kane as far as we know are still 'on the run'.
  6. pritnep

    All Saints

    The end for Bart at All Saints the hospital, All Saints the show or his characters life? Yes I am aware that no matter the reason the outcome would be the same.
  7. Never touches wood again...it doesn't work. I was sick in bed all yesterday (not with a cold), but feeling 'better ish' today.
  8. Finished school (my hsc) last year But Tafe was alright, teacher didn't turn up for last lesson - boring class anyway.
  9. Catch you both later then.
  10. Hi, Haha yes that happens but when I am sick and have stuff to do I get pretty stressed and have to do something...well try to anyway. But I'm not sick *touches wood*. Hope you both get better soon, colds/flu are no fun.
  11. Comments go here. ^

  12. I'm here now, but yes I was watching Channel 7 Beautiful Sunday. 3 hours of straight TV!
  13. Snakes on a Plan and Poseidon. Snakes on a Plan was meh but Poseidon was pretty cool, I might watch it again.
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