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Who is your Favorite Comedian?

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I love the entire MAD tv crew, but especially Nicole Sullivan. She does a great job as the Vancome lady!

Jaff Dunham is pretty good as well, love the original Achmed the Dead Terrorist skit.

Also there are a few pretty good Norwegian comedians. Knut Nærum, Anne Kat Hærland and Åsleik Engmark are hilarious. No one even comes close to Dagfinn Lyngbø though, I've never in my life laughed as hard as I did when I saw his live show, it is fantastic!

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I could be here a while!

- Lano & Woodley

- Danny Bhoy

- Ross Noble

- Arj Barker

- Tripod

- Flight of the Conchords

- The Umbilical Brothers

- Tim Minchin

- Carl Barron

- Dylan Moran

- Bill Bailey

- Ricky Gervais

- Adam Hills

- Shaun Micallef

- The Chaser boys

- David O'Doherty

- Charlie Pickering

- Cal Wilson

...and there's many more! :)

[i'm too lazy to link videos to all of them :P]

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