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  1. Would someone be able to make me some sort of saucy Miles avatar? Maybe something about the nudity between friends quote, but it doesn't really matter ... just Miles being saucy would be great. Thank you!
  2. Mamma Mia! For the second time! It's amazing ... Mr Darcy should sing more often! James Bond, not so much ...
  3. I saw both Sweeney Todd and Juno today. Sweeney Todd was good, but Juno was FANTASTIC! And I'm madly in love with the soundtrack. It's so terribly awesome.
  4. 44 DEGREES?! Is that not like being in an oven? Yep. Especially when your rental contract has a clause that says your landlord/lady/monarch is not contractually obliged to fix your air conditioning. Thankfully today's only meant to be about 33 degrees. I hate the heat. I want to move to Antarctica.
  5. It was 44 degrees today, and it's STILL absolutely boiling!
  6. I saw Atonement today, it was fantastic! Very hard to not cry, though
  7. "From the Sea" - Eskimo Joe And I just recently found out that Kav, the lead singer, is going to have a baby with his girlfriend! Yay, mini-Kavs!
  8. I just watched THE most uniquely awesome movie I have ever seen ... it's called Coffee and Cigarettes, and it's a bunch of vignettes shot in black and white about people having normal, random conversations over coffee and cigarettes. It stars the White Stripes, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Steve Coogan, Alfred Molina and Bill Murray. It's really arty and probably not everyone's cup of tea ... I mean, there is really no climax, it doesn't make much sense and it's just people sitting around talking, but I thought it was HILARIOUS. And it's worth watching to see Jack White being all pouty in a pair of hi
  9. Oh, hoorah! Although the weather at the moment is not that bad - it's only early 20s, but then it's only 9 in the morning. I really, really HATE summer! Hot weather affects me so much that I have to schedule time in my study schedule to be bad tempered. And it's harder to drink coffee in the summer.
  10. Oh, let's swap! You can come over here, and I'll go over there, and then we'll both be happy! It hit 20 at 6am this morning. WITH daylight savings.
  11. Grrrrrrrrrrr, it's 9:30 at night and it's still about 26 degrees. This is just ridiculous!
  12. Just watched High School Musical 2...it was awesome...and watched Hairspray last night which was even AWESOMER! And just full of cute guys...Zac Efron as Link is FAR HOTTER than Troy Bolton...
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