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It was sad for Irene, and when she waded into the sea looking for her ring sobbing her heart out it was very moving. However, I am a fully paid up member of the Irene and Barry are soul mates and Barry should be brought back from prison to marry Irene club :P so although I remember it being sad it would have been far far worse of they had killed off Barry. At least there is a chance he can come back.

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I didn't really like him, but I thought it was really sad for Irene, nothing ever seems to end happily for her.

I thought it was really horrible how he died in Will's arms as well, and Will blamed himself.

You've pretty much summed up my thoughts there. While it was sad for Irene and the kids, he never seemed to do anything apart from grumble all the time. It's a shame his character was so bland. He had the potential to become a solid father figure in the Bay.

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