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  1. Hi! Awesome profile =] I love Home and Away and Neighbours too ;) Who are you favourite neighbours' characters? mine are Elle, Lucas, Donna, Ringo, Zeke, Declan, Harry and Kyle( even though he is not a main character) Have a good day! xxx Paris

  2. Oh was so chuffed when I did my nosy around the character profile section to see the profiles I did for Selina and Chloe were noe on the site, its so cool to have something I did in print x x ps thanks for today's episode link guys ;) x x
  3. Happy Birthday Lesley! :) x

  4. God its gonna be so weird watching the opening credits again showing Palm Beach thats not been on them for years =D but it will be a shame that all the cast aren't in it anymore, being honest I didn't like the picture frame opening credits much, but it was at least nice to have the cast in them =D... And to cut it down to 15secs, bull its for more show time,thats just an excuse to fit in another advert/commercial break, but really seems a bit short, It'll be good on Monday though lol it'll mean theres approx about a minute less to wait and see what happens!! =D x x
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  6. I loved ur missing Milco fan fiction story SkyKat, it was so touching, took me write back to the day Flynn nd Sally got married with the fact that you had included some lyrics from the song that played when they got married =D. loved this story,great work,keep it up hun x x
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