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Lookalike (by Miranda) - comments


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It's good to see a Rachel fic on the forum and a long one at that! I like the fact that you mention past events and add a touch of "Mirandaness" to the mix. The mix up between the genders made me laugh and the ending also when Ceri works at the same hospital as Hugh. I hope that Rachel gets all the info she needs out of Ceri about Hugh, unless the fic isn't heading down the reunion of Rachel/Hugh path.

I look forward to the next part with anticipation and keep up the wonderful writing as I like your style of writing; easy to read and has a good storyline.

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She put on her make-up in the bathroom of her room, feeling light hearted and ready to have fun. It would be nice to get out of the hotel. She made faces at herself in the mirror, practising looking interested in case the conversation was boring, and ending up making herself laugh.

When I was reading this part, I was imagining all the faces that Rachel could pull and it got me chuckling to myself as well. That's my favourite part of the story, so full of imagery for such a small scene and I liked it when Ceri caught her out.

I hope that Rachel does seize the opportunity to ask Ceri about Hugh otherwise she will kick herself if she doesn't. I gather that Rachel doesn't keep in touch as often with her city friends otherwise they would be aware of her situation.

This part reminded me of the song "All my friends are getting married", when her friends started talking about their husbands and Rachel must have felt so left out - there but not all there - there in spirit but her mind and body wished that they were probably all single or back in the good old days of singledom.

I hope that Rachel moves on from her past, stops thinking about Kim and looks forward to the future - hopefully with Hugh or anyone else that tickles her fancy. Keep up the wonderful writing, it's a fic with a difference and I'm loving it!

Look forward to your next chapter. :D

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Gosh! And words to that effect. What nice comments. 'a fic with a difference', can you say more about what you mean by that- good or bad? :wink:

Miranda, your fic is definitely goooooooooooood. It's "a fic with a difference", as it introduces an insight into Rachel's past, it reveals her thoughts and feelings, is easy to read and to understand the storyline (even if people haven't seen episodes that involve Hugh but have only read about him). I like reading fics that involve characters that are interesting and you certainly bring Rachel's character to life!

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Another great chapter full of light hearted comments and drama.

What a jerk Dean was trying to latch onto Rachel, I gather he had pre-planned that and was happy that she also wanted to "head for home". Thank goodness Ceri was there to lend a hand otherwise Rachel would have been in all sorts of trouble if she hadn't of gotten rid of Dean.

Ceri seems like he's a good bloke, very perceptive too, and I hope that Rachel will learn to trust him. I just would like to see the look on his face if Rachel decides to reveal that she was the one who broke Hugh's heart.

Look forward to the next chapter and more information about Ceri too.

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I've read this before and am quite a fan of Rach/Hugh and this is quite interesting & unpredictable! I really like it so far - though I have no idea where it's going!

‘What room are you in, Rach?’ asked Dean.

Good way to start it off. Suggestive, but not to give-a-way

She awoke at three in the morning with a start. She had had such a narrow escape from Dean, what an idiot she had been. How had her life come to this? Everyone seemed to be pairing off into couples, having babies, settling down. All nice and normal, except for her. The lonely divorcée who seemed to attract creeps and pushed decent men away. A lump rose in her throat, and she began crying silently. Why hadn’t Kim wanted her and not Kit and Archie?

I wanted to cry!! That is so, so sad. Watching H&A, it's a bit hard to realise what Rachel really went though, but you saw through that and wrote down the real feelings! Very well written!

‘My friend Hugh has just had his heart broken by a girl. He’s a doctor too,’ Ceri shrugged. ‘See what I mean?’

Good line. I knew that would come up somewhere.

Well written and well thought out chapter!!

Nice work!

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Hi. Thanks very much for your compliments and comments. I'll get back to this story sooner or later, but I'm concentrating on my other one for the time being. I'm a bit annoyed with Rachel at the moment- how dare she speak to Sally like that? :lol: :lol: So I'll get back to writing about her when I've forgiven her.

Don't take me too seriously though, I'm not one of these people who thinks the characters are real :wink:

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