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Lookalike (by Miranda) - comments


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Hello friend :) Wow that was a quick reply. I'll let you into a secret- I've been madly writing this story lately and got really into it, so the next chapters will follow asap when I've got a minute to post them [i.e. when there isn't a 2 year old sitting on my lap like now :lol:]

Its been quite hard to think of Hugh's character though- I've spent a lot of time staring at Rodger's picture on IMDB and trying to remember what he was like...! I'm trying not to let him turn into Mr Darcy or some other romantic figure :lol:

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Wow those last two chapters were amazing, your writing is so descriptive that i almost felt like i could see the rocks and feel the glow of the sun :lol: and my heart kind of fluttered when they kissed :blush: You have such a great talent, i can just imagine buying this story as a book, and lying on the beach on a warm sunny day reading it :D

I look forward, as always, to the next chapter :D

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Gosh. Thanks for those compliments. I'm a bit nervous of 'love scenes' and find them hard to write, frankly, so I'm glad to know you liked them.

Had weird day when everyone seemed to be having accidents/ injuries and I had to look after them- spent half of day in A & E! But at least being in a hospital is useful research for this story :lol: Some good looking doctors/ others around!

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I'm just loving your fic, especially the Hugh and Rachel interactions. I have a feeling that Ceri is just as intuitive as Nurse Julie - wonder if they have met and maybe they would be good soul mates or even mates.

I think that Ceri has worked out that there's something brewing between Hugh and Rachel. I'm also loving the Tony and Rachel interaction - the birthday party was hilarious. Just a wonderfully written chapter, just like all the others.

I always look forward to your updates on this fic and it's very addictive.

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