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Which Character Is Past Their Used By Date

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Who Has Had Their Time  

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Sorry if I've forgotten anyone!

I'm chosing Ric, anyway, because all he seems to do is sit around whilst everyone else does stuff or he gets involved in incredibly boring storylines.

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Martha, I think she's been through so many storylines already. It feels like half the time it's just repetive. How many boyfriends has she had already? I can think of 6. And that whole Jack/Martha thing. Ugh, will they or won't they get back together? It's going around in circles!

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It was a tough call between Ric and Martha. Ric and Martha have very similar storylines, except that Martha's involve more boyfriends, while Ric's only involve one girlfriend. I find them both rather boring, as there really isn't much more they can do in Summer Bay, but since Ric has a potential for a better storyline, I went for Martha.

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