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  1. I think I started suspecting he was trouble when Colleen called him Constable Risotto. Someone as supposedly laid back and chilled out as him should have laughed it off but he always looked as if he was about to burst a blood vessel. He must have a history that we are going to slowly discover now which would be nice. All that cheeriness was a bit wearing and Belle must have felt like she was in the grip of some over grown mutant care bear at times. Its nice to see a bit of the dark side now, bring it on I say, bring it on. :ph34r:
  2. Great update, thanks. Gypsy and her revenge is awesome. I love this fic, keep up the good work.
  3. Thanks. I dont know where the fish came from either
  4. We are having a discussion in the Irene appreciation section, Did Irene ever find her engagement ring? I vaguely remember something about a fish, or was that another story entirely?
  5. That was another good chapter, its funny how many of Martha's relatives resemble Prisoner character, her Grandad looks just like Geoff Butler too I am enjoying the Kane and Martha pairing, its a good call for those two, and also Irene's flashbacks to her childhood were effective.
  6. Toast and marmalade, HUGE cup of coffee.
  7. Taz

    Support Group

    It sounds to me as if the only family member who is doing any "pulling together" is you! If I were you i would sit them down and hand a rota of jobs and insist that if you are going to pull together as a family it does not mean you doing everything and them moaning if you dont. Your sister may be 16 but she is old enough to clean her room, put a load of washing on and also to cook a meal once or twice a week. Your Dad needs to stop wallowing in it and help your Mum and you too. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it sounds like all your Dad is doing is feeling sorry for himself. I would also show your Nan your post on here so she can understand for heself exactly what you have been doing and how you are feeling. I'd ask the sister who lives away to come for the week end so you can get a break, and also I'd ask my Dad to employ a cleaner a couple of times a week for the next month or so. They might huff and puff but they'd feel even worse if you made yourself ill through exhaustion. And for the record I dont think you are being a drama queen, or selfish. I think you deserve a medal.
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