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Just A Flicker of Hope

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Name:Just a flicker of hope

Type: Dont know yet..maybe long fic

Main Characters: Matilda, Lucas, Beth Hunter, Tony and Kate Holden, Cassie Turner, Ric Dalby. Aden Jefferies..maybe more

BTTB Rating: G/A

Genre: Love, Romance, Drama, a little swearing and a little violence

Any Warnings: only that there are a couple of words and hitting used...not much though...and some romance...

Spoilers: No none

Summary: This fic is based of two of my famourite movies...The Notebook and A walk to remember but mainly the notebook. A love long lost is reunited in the most unforgivable circumstances...Will they give into passion?


ok so I didn't know that I had to have the first chapter written so here it is...arrrrrrrrrrrg

Chapter 1...

She sat on the edge of the wharf and looked into the water as the grey clouds covered the sky threatening to pour down any minute, her eye liner and mascara had smudged below her eyes from where she had been crying and her hair hung down over her face. Wiping her eyes she looked up at the sky as a flash of lighting erupted through the sky and slowly got to her feet. Turning around she came face to face with him as there eye’s connected.

“Lucas…!’ she whispered as she kept her gaze firmly on Lucas’s deep blue eyes.

“Mattie…!’ Lucas replied back. Looking deep down into her baby blue eyes. The hurt, passion, anger and especially the love pushing through the blue sparkles.

Matilda’s eyes welled up with tears as she felt herself wanting to give way, to let him see how much he had hurt her but she forced herself to push past him and walk away. Clutching her arms up to the black suit that covered her slim and petite body she pushed past him and started walking up the wharf toward the land.

“Mattie wait…’ Matilda suddenly swung around as the tears started falling down her cheeks and her arms hit the side of her petite frame.

“Why didn’t you call…why didn’t you write me Lucas, it wasn’t over for me, I cried myself to sleep for 3 years waiting for you to write and you never did…I waited for you for 7 years and heard nothing” she yelled as she choked back a couple of sobs as a clap of thunder erupted around the sky, followed by another flash of lightening.

“I did write Mattie…I wrote a letter a day, I wrote you 365 letters for a whole year…’ Lucas screamed back as Matilda looked into his eyes to see if he was lying or not.

“You wrote to me…’ Matilda said as the tears trickled down her face.


“Yes I wrote to you Matilda…it wasn’t over for me…its still not over…’ he screamed as he walked forward and cupped her face and leant down and caressed her lips before leaning down and capturing his lips with his as the rain started pouring down, soaking the both of them from head to toe as they both gave into each other and quickly let passion consume there bodies.

There clothes became wet and tangled against there bodies and there hair dripped from the rain and hung lifelessly and wet against there faces, there breathing quickened as she wrapped her arms around his neck and dipped her head slightly to the left as he slid his tongue gently into her mouth…

7 Years Earlier…

She stared wildly out the window as they drove past the dreaded sign that read ‘Welcome to Summer Bay’ and sighed heavily. It was just her and her mother since her father had died when Matilda was just 5 years old. Now at a tender age of 15 and curious about love, sex, wealth and boys she was less then impressed when her mother told her they were going to Summer Bay for the Summer Holiday’s. Driving past a big building with what looked like an apartment above it they turned down the first street closest to it and pulled into the drive way. Reluctantly climbing out of the car she looked around and instantly saw Cassie Turner, her only friend she had made the last time she was here was running up the drive way and screaming out her name. Smiling sweetly she walked toward her friend as Cassie clutched her into a hug and both girls swayed each other friendly while hugging one another.

“Awwwwwwww it’s so good to see you again…’ Cassie said after both girls had gotten sick and tired of hugging one another and had pulled back.

“It’s great to see you too, anything interesting happen since I was last here?” Matilda asked as she pushed a piece of golden brown hair away from her face and back behind her ear.

“Well…’ Cassie started as she suddenly grinned from ear to ear, like a little girl opening her first Christmas present again.

“I’ve got a boyfriend and this new guy has moved to town and were going to the movies tonight…you in?” Cassie asked straight out as Matilda’s mouth gaped open for a slight second and shyly shook her head.

“Come on Lucas is really nice and doesn’t have a daaaate…’ Cassie urged her friend who shyly smiled before looking at her friend.

“Fine I’ll come…’ Matilda replied as Cassie screamed and jumped up and down grabbing her friend’s arms as Matilda screamed sarcastically but just stood there.

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That was great. I really enjoyed it, especially the start. You have a brilliant writing technique Bec. I love any fic with Lucas & Mattie, but I have to say, this may shape out to be my favourite.

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*dances around like crazy*

Bec's writing another fi-ic!

Bec's writing another fi-ic!

*buys bec a gigantic chocolate bar*


Great first chappie by the way :) I've never had much interest in Mattie & Luc but you could make me love them, Bec, and I'm sure you'd like that :D

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Well here it is guys...Chapter 2

Chapter 2

She studied herself in the mirror and spun around once as the beautiful layered pink dress flew around with her and looked at herself once again. Fixing a piece of loose hair back behind her ear she walked over and sat down on her bed and picked up a silver pair of high heel’s. Blowing them lightly she watched as a layer of dust flew off her shoes and blew again as another layer flew off. Finally she put her shoes on just as there was a beep coming from outside. Standing up she took one final look in the mirror before picking up the silver bag from her bed which already contained all of her contents inside it and made her way out.

Beth looked up as Matilda exited from the hall way and smiled at her daughter.

“You look beautiful sweet…’ she said as Matilda smiled at her mother and blushed lightly.

“Thanks mum…’ Mattie replied as she walked over to her mother and placed a tender kiss on her mother’s forehead.

“Have fun darling…’ Beth yelled after her daughter who was already walking out the door.

Walking down the path she saw the red car waiting for her and suddenly the window of the passenger side wound down and Cassie popped her head out the window.

“Come on Mattie, let’s go already…’ Cassie yelled as Matilda shook her head and giggled as she watched the back door open and saw a boy get out, not much taller than she was, with golden blonde hair and fair skin.

Walking up to him she smiled sweetly and stopped in front of him and looked into his deep blue eyes, feeling her heart skip a beat and she could feel herself starting to blush, Although she didn’t let on about it.

“Mattie…I’m Lucas…’ Lucas said as he smiled sweetly and kept his gaze firmly on her. Matilda smiled back at Lucas and moved toward the car.

“I know…’ she replied shyly before grinning and getting in the car.

Lucas smiled to himself and felt his heart skip a beat before smiling to himself.

“Of course you know…’

3 Hours Later

They all emerged from the cinema laughing hysterically as they made there way back to the car.

“That was the most…stupid film I’ve ever seen…’ Cassie screeched as Ric swung her around, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her tenderly.

Matilda watched them for a good 5 minutes before giggling and looking at Lucas to see that he was looking at her. Matilda smiled at him as she felt herself blushing and looked down at the ground as she pushed a piece of hair behind her ears.

Lucas felt his heart skip a beat when she smiled at him and he felt himself blushing as he kept staring at her. He knew he liked her from the second her met her but he didn’t know why, it was like he was being drawn to her for some reason but he didn’t even really know her, but he didn’t care.

Ric opened the car door and let Cassie climb in and looked at Lucas who was whispering something in her ear and watched her nod. Ric smiled to himself and closed Cassie’s door and looked at the two of them as Cassie wound down the car window.

“Are you too in love?” Cassie screeched as Matilda and Lucas started laughing at her lack of shyness.

“Can we go to the lookout?” Matilda asked as Ric looked a little shocked at her because it had been the first time she spoke since she had got into the car.

“Uhhh…sure…’ Ric contemplated as he walked around to the driver’s side and climbed in as Lucas opened the back door and let Matilda climb in, climbing in after her.

20 minutes later

Ric and Cassie were sitting on the bonnet of the car with there arms wrapped around each other as Matilda and Lucas sat on the edge of the lookout and watched the water.

Lucas looked at Matilda and watched as the wind flew through her hair, making her hair fly up behind her like it had a life of its own. He smiled as he saw that she was also smiling and had her eyes closed. Lucas nudged her as she opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Do you wanna go out with me?” Lucas asked as Matilda smiled at him and shook her head.

“No…’ she simply replied as Lucas nodded and smiled at her.

“Well would you like to dance with me?” he asked as she smiled and finally nodded.

Ric and Cassie watched as they danced to the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. Matilda was giggling as Lucas kept accidentally stepping on her toes and was starting to blush from embarrassment which only made Matilda giggle even more.

“I think this is the start of a new romance…’ Ric said as Cassie looked at him and nodded as she took his hand.

“There gunna go through hell because of Luc’s parents but I can tell…they’re gunna fall in love…’ Cassie replied giggling as Ric pulled her close to him and they watched the two teens dance the night away.

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