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Jazz Curtis

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Oh yes, LOVE Jazz. Now that Amanda seems to have had her wings clipped and gone all domestic, I really appreciate Jazz's bitchy, selfish scheming. I also love how she enjoys wine, as I am a wine-lover myself, particularily because she always feels the need to finish the bottle, much like me. I love Rachel, and I kind of like Tony, but I'm not a fan of them together so seeing Jazz get in the way of that is great. As much as I love Rachel I can't feel much sympathy for her where Jazz is concerned, Jazz did have Tony first and he and Rachel have barely been together, so I think she has every right to pursue him. Rachel should have learned her lesson and steered clear of gym instructors with ex-girlfriends on the scene. I hear Jazz won't get her claws into Tony though, and she gets a new lover and a new job soon. I imagine her working in P.R. somehow, and refusing to call her new romance a relationship, and also refusing to be faithful. Good old Jazz.

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Rachel should have learned her lesson and steered clear of gym instructors with ex-girlfriends on the scene.

lol, so after all that, Rachel went and picked the Kim clone after all! :lol:

Jazz is great. She's greater than great. She's Jazz.

I love Jazz. I credit her with making me love Drew, which I didn't think would ever happen. She turned him from a weak excuse for a bratty addition to the Peter/Dan/Amanda fiasco into a real character with a real history to be reacting to. Her indifference to him explains so much, as does her using him to get what she wants.

But Jazz is also great as her own character. I loved her with Tony. I LOVED her thoughts on marriage being like a prison sentence :D. She's so unconventional. She's not really an evil schemer, she just doesn't have the same set of emotions as the rest of the world. Which I can relate to. I'm not that interested in marriage or kids, and it's so nice to see her out there admitting that such things are not the be all and end all of existence. If you can find someone you love, but not get "trapped" by them, that would be ideal. She's just a free spirit and a joy to watch.

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