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Did anyone else in the UK just feel a big earth tremor?!

Heard some very strange rumbling and then a few seconds later my whole house was shaking - shaking lasted around 5-10 seconds!!

Even managed to wake the parents, rather shaken up to say the least! (excuse the pun)

Edit: Looking on another forum - seems it was felt countrywide....

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Bloody hell, the whole bungalow shook for abt 5 seconds. I'm all shaking now.

My first ever Quake, tis was a werid feeling.

Hope not to much damage, has accured?

The earth def, moved for a few peeps!!! :P here in the UK

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Second one I've felt - the first one the epicentre was very near to here - there was another one which was centred on Birmingham but I was in the shower and didn't feel it :P

It was a fairly big one though - if its anything like the others then there might be a couple more shakes before the night is out....

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Magnitude 4.7


* Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 00:56:45 UTC

* Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 12:56:45 AM at epicenter

Location 53.321°N, 0.314°W

Depth 10 km (6.2 miles) set by location program


Distances 50 km (30 miles) S of Kingston upon Hull, England, UK

70 km (45 miles) NE of Nottingham, England, UK

80 km (50 miles) E of Sheffield, England, UK

205 km (125 miles) N of LONDON, United Kingdom

The co-ordinates show that the epicentre was a couple of miles north east of Lincoln

Edit: A few conflicting reports on size - some are saying 4.7 some are saying 4.9, and a couple are saying 5.2! :huh:

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The Star

Tremors felt across England

Tremors have been felt across England, according to eyewitness reports.

People from Yorkshire, Manchester, Merseyside, Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire and London reported feeling their homes and offices shake at about 1am.

Many said the tremors had been strong enough to wake them, but there have been no reports of injury or damage.

The North West Ambulance Service said its crews had reported feeling the tremor from Macclesfield to Southport, but they had not heard of any injuries by 1.15am.

A spokeswoman for the North West Ambulance Service said: "We felt the tremors here in our control room in Anfield.

"We have had a few of our vehicles reporting that they felt the tremors as far as Macclesfield and up towards Southport, but no actual calls from the public."

Merseyside Police and Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service confirmed they had received reports of tremors but no reports of injuries.

Last Updated: 27 February 2008 1:52 AM

offices shake at about 1am. Erm who the hell is going to be, in an office at 1am?? :lol:

Thanks for the very, very usefull info Dan!!!... :) I don't know abt anyone else.. Tis very, very diff to describe, the feeling, when it happened. I'm still shaking now!!!. Or that might be cause I was going back to bed after been really sick. When the quake hit. I thought it was me at first!!! lol.

It woke Tom up, he was like, what was that Mum!! Mum!!! Get in here what was that!! bless him.

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Nothing serious reported yet - won't be until first light now I reckon.

Be prepared for a few aftershocks but nothing as big.

First it felt like someone downstairs had slammed a door really hard, which normally gives off plenty of vibrations around the house. Then they were shaking the closed door repeatedly, then someone was whacking the house with a sledgehammer.

Computer monitor rocked back and forth and when I stood up I was slightly thrown off balance.

Very scary.

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Doesn't NZ have like 400 eartquakes a year? You can only feel about 100 of them though :P

We had two earthquakes a couple of years ago here as well, but I don't know how big they were, I wasn't home when either of them happened, so I've never felt an earthquake even though the centre of both of them were pretty close to where I live. I can image it being scary waking up to that though, it wouldn't be scary if you were in some country this happens a lot (like NZ), but when it happens in the UK... Earthquakes don't really happen around there often, do they?

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Well, I didn't feel anything up in Newcastle, however friends in Alnwick (another 35 miles or so north of here) did feel the tremors - so they were indeed pretty widespread!

Mind you, I was still driving home at about 1am so it's possible I felt something but just thought it was the down to the wind or the vibrations in the car.

Exciting, but scary stuff! I hope no-one was hurt and no serious damage has been sustained to any buildings.

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