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Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings (by matticus01) - comments


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I hate Kristy! How dare she call Martha names after what she's been through! :angry: Maybe she should be raped and we'll see how she handles it. :angry:

What is wrong with all the girls at the school? <_< Jack's girlfriend was raped; they didn't break up! :angry: So, they should just stop sending text messages to ask him out.

Jack is never going to fall for Kristy because he loves Martha too much for that. Kristy should just leave.

Alf can't come back without Martha! She has to come back!

More please.

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Oh no, Martha's not back yet :( Hopefully she'll come as soon as she can. The Bay needs her.

Mattie is making a big mistake! How can she be kissing the guy who tried to rape her and can maybe be blamed for the fact that Mattie lost the baby? And he's only making up excuses anyway <_<

Oh no

Valli's coming back!

:o She can't come back! We don't want her back >_<

Kirsty is evil! Wonder what she put in Jack's drink... Not love potion I hope :huh:

More please!

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Alf came back without Martha. :(

Why does Mattie blame herself? It's Aden's fault if she lost her baby. And how can she kiss him? :angry: He raped Martha and tried to rape her.

Poor Lucas! First, Mattie is pushing him away and now she's kissing another guy. :(

Wonder what Kristy put in Jack's drink. :unsure:

Kristy and Aden would be perfect for each other.

Great! Valli comes back. We don't need three troublemakers in the Bay. 2 is already way too much!


More please.

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your a librarian...when did you become a librarian...how...???

thats amazing...

is that what those square's are for??? congrats.......I wanna be a librarian *pouts* :( no fair

I became a librarian yesterday. They needed a replacement for Jade, so Eli suggested me, and here I am :P

If you want to be a librarian, don't ask the admins if you can. I doubt that it does you any good. You have to be active in the fan fic section and in the Creativity and Multimedia section and prove that you can be trusted. And then there has to be an open spot for you :P I guess I was just lucky. Not that I'm complaining :P

EDIT: So if you want your fic moved, just let me know

Edited by valli
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Oh my god!! I just read all the updates!!!

Mattie and Lucas :(

Mattie and Aden just don't suit each other and I will be very,very,very,very mad if they get together!!!!!lol

I don't want valli to be back the world was fine without her!!!lol

Wonder what Kristy put in Jacks drink????

Update soon!!

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Valli is Jack's new science teacher :o I can't believe that she has the nerve to do such a thing :angry:

And Kirsty isn't much better :glare:

It was good that Lucas didn't talk to Mattie, because if he had said something that he wished he hadn't said, then their relationship might have gotten worse :unsure:

It'll be good to hear from Martha again. Hopefully she's doing alright. And hopefully Lucas will forgive Mattie. It was, after all, just a mistake

And Jack waking up on the beach the next morning? Let's hope Kirsty didn't do him anything (even though I for some reason doubt that


More please!

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Mattie knows kissing Aden was a mistake.

Hopefully Lucas will forgive her.

Valli is Jack's new teacher. I don't like the sound of that. :angry: Another troublemaker in town! :rolleyes:

What did Kristy put in Jack's drink? :unsure: Usually, it's a guy who puts something in a girl's drink. Kristy, stay away from Jack! :angry:

Please, don't tell me she's going to rape Jack!


We'll get to see Martha again in the next chapter! Hope she's doing ok and she'll be back in the Bay soon.

More please.

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