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Complicated Desires, Forbidden Meetings (by matticus01) - comments


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What's wrong with Mattie? I hope she's ok. :unsure:

Kristy trying to seduce Tony is even worse than trying to seduce Lucas. :angry:

Mark is a jerk. If he saw Martha naked, it's because he's a creep and entered the bathromm when she was about to take a shower. :angry: Whether Jack and Martha already had sex is none of his business.

Tony can't fall for Kristy. Besides, he's already married to Kate.

Maybe Mattie could still be pregnant? I saw that on a French TV show. The woman lost her baby but then she fainted and the doctor saw she was still pregnant. She was expecting twins but she lost one. Why am I bringing this up? :unsure:

Martha has to believe Jack! Mark is trouble! :angry:

More please.

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What's wrong with Kirsty? First Jack, then Lucas, then Tony. What the...?! Someone should tell that girl that she can't always get what she wants <_<

And what's wrong with Mattie? Could Barbara be right? :unsure: Hopefully it's nothing too serious.

Martha's back :Dto a Bay of disaster

Mark's an idiot :angry: I mean, whether Jack and Martha are "screwing," as he puts it, is not any of his business <_<

More please!

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Ewww, Kristy is seducing someone old enough to be her father??!!! Oh well, atleast it's not Lucas!!!lol

I feel so sorry for Lucas when it said that Mattie only wanted to see Martha :(

I hope Mattie is alright

update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Love Tony. :lol: Kristy got what she deserved. :D

Yay Matilda is still pregnant! :D

Glad Martha believed Jack and not Mark. They love each other. :wub:

Yay Martha is coming back! But does Mark really have to follow her? I don't like him. Maybe he could date Kristy. Then we won't have to worry about them annoying Jack and Martha. <_<

More please.

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YAY LUCAS AND MATTIE ARE BACK TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

Ummm, yeah, great update!!!

Haha Valli and Kristy fighting!!!

Maybe Jack will walk in on them??......

Update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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