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You Look, But You Don't See

Guest pamy

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Story Title: You look, but you don't see

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Martha, Jack, Tasha, Robbie and others

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers? No

Any Warnings? no

Summary: Martha's parents are dead and her brother is in a coma. She is sent to live with her grandfather alf stewart in summer bay. She goes to school and becomes friends with Carla, Cathy and Robbie. Jack, Tasha, Brooke and Kim are one of the most popular kids in school. Martha has never been noticed by Jack until a a class a year after she moves to summer bay.....

Chapter 1: appreciate

She was sitting in a full bus. There were older people, couples, childs playing... But she's not paying attention to them. She's looking at the landscape that passes by. She's looking, but she doesn't really see anything. Tears well up in her already red eyes. Her cheeks are still wet from the last time she cried. A week, just a week. It was long enough to change her entier life. And now she was sitting here, all alone.

There's a man dying on the side of the road,

Won't make it home tonight

He was driving fast on his cell phone

That's how he lived his life

While he was hanging by a thread

These were the final words he said

She closed her eyes trying to blok everything else out. Memories flashed trough her head. Happy memories and bad to. She couldn't believe this had all happened. A week ago she had been so happy. WIth her family and her friends. She used to live on a farm. That's where she grew up. Three months ago she had discovered that she was adopted, and it had changed nothing. But now everything was different. It was a week, a week since the terrible accident.

My girl turns sweet sixteen today,

she's beautiful, so beautiful

It might get rough sometimes

but I hope she keeps the faith

I wish i grabed the change to say to her

life is to short so take your time and appreciate

A week ago there had been a terrible accident. An accident that had claimed the live of her both parents. And put her big brother Macca into a coma. Her oldest brother George was in Irak. As a doctor. And after the funural her grandparents had taken in her little brother Brian. But not her. Because she didn't belong with them. She had hoped for an entier week that Macca would wake up. But he didn't. And now she was here.

There's a woman crying on the kitchen floor

she got a call tonight

now she's trembling outside her daughter's door

walks in and holds her tight

wondering how and where to start

is there a way to shield her heart?

Yesterday the women from the adopting agency had stopped by. To tell them that they would send her to her real family, just like her grandparents wanted. And if Macca would wake up by this morning or if they could contact George, they would decide. But they didn't. Tears rull down her cheek, trying not to remember the words her grandmother had said. She opened her eyes again.Just looking at the landscape.

My girl turns sweet sixteen today

she's beautiful, so beautiful

it might get rough sometimes

but i hope she keeps her faith (hope she keeps her faith)

I wish I'd grabbed the chance to say to her

life is too short so take that time and appreciate

Her biological mother, Ruth Stewart, lived in America. She had said she would be happy to have her, but she didn't wanted to leave Australia. Her biological father had not even opened the door the the women from the adopting agency. And now she was on her way to her biological grandfather. She looked down at the paper in her hand. With his name on it. Alf Stewart.

Any but a loving way

Get hurt along the way

Don't be afraid to open up

and use the time you have before it fades

Show your love today

She looked out of the window again. Just on time to see the sign. welcome to summer bay. She looked out of the window, wondering what summer bay was like. If she would even like it here. The buss stopped and she grabbed her bag. Her grandmother had promised to send everything else next week. She stepped out of the bus and looked around. Where was she supposed to go?

She turned around when she heard somebody say her name. 'You're Martha McKenzie?' 'Yeah. You must be Mr. Stewart.' 'Ok, I know this is weird. But please call me Alf. Let's go.' Martha looked at the bus who drove away, back to where it came from. Back to where she came from. And for a moment, she wished she was still on it.

My girl turns sweet sixteen today,

She's beautiful, so beautiful

It might get rough sometimes

but I hope she keeps the faith (hope she keeps the faith)

I wish I'd grabbed the chance to say to her

Life is to short so take your time and appreciate

Life is to short so take your time and appreciate

Lyrics are from the song appraciate by Jonahs brothers

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This is a very good first chapter!

Her grandparents don't seem nice. I mean, sending her away like that... She's still their granddaughter even if she was adopted.

Fortunately she's going to meet Robbie, Tash and... Jack :)

Please update soon...

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Chapter 2: It doesn't feel like home

She looked away from the bus and started to follow Mr. Stewart. A man she had never seen before in her life, and yet she was here to live with him. How could she live with him? How could she ever call him granddad? She knew nothing about him.

Tears appeared in her eyes as she remembered her parents. Her brothers, her friends, her life. She shook her head and closed her eyes. No. She wouldn't cry, not right now. She had cried enough over the last couple of days. She wouldn't cry now. She looked at Mr. Stewarts back. Maybe she should say something. But what? What do you say to a man you've never seen before?

She looked around. She saw a beautiful beach and of course the ocean. She stopped to look at it. Mr. Stewart stopped and looked at her. So this was his granddaughter. Roo's daughter. Of course she was she looked so much like her. He wanted to say something. But he had no idea what to say. He had never been good at this. What do you say to a 16 year old girl you have never seen before?

Martha smiled at Mr. Stewart and turned away from the beach. She had never been so close to the beach before. It was beautiful but she wished she stood on the farm. She prefered it there. She wondered where she was going to live. If she was going to have her own room. If she would have a good view. There were so many things she was wondering, but she was too afraid to ask.

They walked into the diner. She stopped in the doorway, what were they doing here? Mr. Stewart looked back and smiled. 'You hungry? Cause Leah makes the greatest meales.' Martha smiled and wanted to say no. But then she remembered that the last time she had eat had been in queensland. And that was hours ago.

'Yeah. I'm hungry Mr. Stewart. But I...I don't have any money with me.' He smiled. 'Oh, no honey. You don't have to pay. And please call me Alf.' She smiled. 'Thank you Mr...Alf.' It felt weird calling him like that, but somehow it felt normall. She looked around. The backpak was still on her shoulders. He was holding the other bag.

An hour later, after she had eaten, Alf showed her the apartment upstairs. He said that his sister, Morag, staid there to sometimes. She was a lawyer and a really nice person. But she was not here right now. He had shown her her room. It wasn't really big and it looked nothing like her room home. Home. Tears appeared again in her eyes, but she didn't cry.

Instead she took her bag and started unpacking the clothes and the books she had taken with her. The rest of her stuff would be here next week. If her grandmother didn't forget to send them. She unfinished unpacking the bag and took the backpak. She took out a picture of her parents and put it on the table next to her bed. Then she put a picture of her and her brothers next to it.

She stopped and looked around. She didn't wanted to stay in here. She wanted to walk. Actually she wanted to run, she wanted to scream. She wanted to go home. But she couldn't do any of those things. What she could do is walk around and see what summer bay looked like. She got up and walked to the door. She stepped into the living room and hesitated. Coulds he leave? She had no idea what the rules where going to be.

She saw him sitting on the couch and walked to him. 'Excuse me, Mr....Alf. Can I go outside?' Alf looked surprised at her. 'Of course you can sweetie. You don't need to ask. Just be home when we have diner because Morag is coming tonight.' 'Ok.' She walked to the door and turned around again. 'Euhm Alf. When is that?' Alf started to laugh and Martha smiled. Just a litte bit but it made her feel a little bit better.

Martha was walking on the beach and looked at the ocean. Around there were a lot of people, but just like on the bus she didn't see them. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She whiped them away. No. No more crying. She had to be strong. It was beautiful here and the people were nice.

Maybe she would like it here. She could swim in the ocean and make new friends. She looked around and tried to smile. But she couldn't. It was to soon to smile. Too soon to be happy. SHe looked around. She wanted to go home so desperatly. She shook her head. No don't think like that. She lived here now. She belonged here now. This was her new home.

This little town was home. Her new home. But somehow it doesn't feel like home. It simply doesn't.

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