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  2. Thanks. I had completely forgotten about Barry Hyde
  3. I have a couple of questions: 1. Were we ever told anything about Kyle's mother? 2. I'm having a bit of trouble with ages: how old were brax,heath, kyle and casey? ( how big was the age difference? Or were we never told?) what about the Morgans? 3. My best friend and I were talking about old storylines and we got to talking about Josh West for some reason. While we could remember a vig part of the who killed Josh West storyline back in 2006 we could not remember who the killer was. Does anyone remember?
  4. I was wondering if there is a way to buy the home and away books (Dani on trial, Prisonner and the long goodbye) because I seem to be unable to find them.
  5. pamy

    The Book Thread

    Reading the vampire diaries (the first book) and just finished Just listen by Sarah Dessen.
  6. It's horrible isn't it? I swear there has never been that much snow here. At least not for so long. YOu should try walking trouhg it, especially as most of it is turning into ice.
  7. pamy

    The Book Thread

    Ive finished promise of the wolves (I recomend it) and have started reading wolf Hall by hilary mantel.
  8. pamy

    The Book Thread

    I'm reading (jus started anyway) promise of the wolves by Dorothy Hearst, anyone read this one? Before my exams started I tried reading The count of Monte Christo, but I had to quit because it took to long to read, and I didn't quit finish by the time my exams started. Suess I should start again.
  9. Hey, I found my story forever in the Vault, but it's finished. Not abandoned or anything. http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=23937 (that's the link by the way)
  10. Where did Max dissapear to? Max suterhland I liked him, but then suddenly he was gone. Where'd he go?
  11. There's you look but you don't see, forever and Kidnapped. Glad you all like it
  12. No. Henry didn't have the same disease as Mattie. His dead will be explained in a later chapter though. Glad you all like it. Will update soon.
  13. Great story. Please update soon. Hope Robbie didn't do it
  14. no it's not the last chapter, a couple more are coming
  15. How long were the chopper crash victems (robbie, kim, kit, belle and marhta) missing?
  16. probably a stupid question but Macca is Marhta's brother right? how old is he is he younger or older then her? what happened with him? and didn't she have more brothers to? what about them?
  17. the last movie i saw was last sunday : pirates : at worlds end. great movie.
  18. ok i have two questions. How many days were the chopper crash victems (robbie, marhta, belle, kim and kit) gone? and how did jack and marhta's mariage broke down? sorry havn't seen this jet
  19. i didn't notice that there was another fic. I just got the idea. Right well i tried to fill in the rating and warnig but i don't understand what i have to put into it. Could you explain it? Yea of course. Basically, you'll find what the ratings are and stand for here. The warnings are for sexual content (SC), violence/death (V/D) and coarse language (L). If your fic has any of those then in the warnings section put (SC), (V/D) or/and (L). Hope that helps. On a non librarian note, lol, absoltely brilliant fic you obviosuly have a talent for writing as well as for creating great plots! Hope to read more of your fics! Thank you for explaining it.
  20. i didn't notice that there was another fic. I just got the idea. Right well i tried to fill in the rating and warnig but i don't understand what i have to put into it. Could you explain it?
  21. there's one more chapter left. Mabye i'll continue with how Tony and Luke deal with it but i'm not sure jet. i'll update tomoroz.
  22. the last movie i saw was epic movie, in the cinema with my friend. but i really didn't like it, it wasn't funny. The only time i laughed was when my friend fell of his chair
  23. alejandro sanz: amiga mia and shakira: la tortura
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