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Jonah/Michael Abraham Appreciation Thread *spoiler*

Guest Tasha

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I think its about time Michael got his own AT.

He is just wonderful. Okay, yes we've only had him for a week in Aust, but he has already proven himself (well to me at least) to be wonderful.

And he doesnt want to hurt Martha, which is a nice change from all the other losers (including Jack) that shes been with :P

So here we can talk all about Michael and his ever-growing relationship with Martha :wub: The new hottest couple in the Bay :wub:

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Is this a Michael appreciation thread or an M&M thread!

I shall appreciate Michael, aka Jonah, because he is a dear sweet creature who doesn't have an evil bone in his body. He only ever did what he was told was right. He had not been raised to think for himself, so when he started to do that and to go against his mother it was terrifying for him. I don't blame him at all for what he did to Tasha, the only person I blame is Mama Rose for forcing her own son to do something so wrong. Michael is NOT an evil person! He's just about the most non-evil person I've ever seen on H&A! And that includes all the regulars!!

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Well I do love Michael on his own too. But i would love him with Martha as well. Its not like it would be keeping Jack and Martha apart, because the truth is, its not. Jack is keeping them apart, yet I dont care!!! Jack is no longer worthy of Martha, Michael is. I think he is very gentle and genuine :wub: Even if Jack packed up and left Sam, i think i would still love M&M. If not just for their chocolately name :wub:

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