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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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How could Emanuel be Jack's dad when Emanuel is Kate's brother? Or am i just confusing myself :unsure:

Martha still has to tell Jacky about the baby <_<

Thank the lord Cassie isnt pregnant :)

Irene cant marry Emanuel, she doesnt even know the guy, and doesnt Belle know him? She could easily just say she doesnt like him, and save Irene a whole lot of grief :lol:

Poor Peter, Amanda, Dan and Leah :(

Great chapter

More please

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:o I'm so shocked at Lucas LOL

I thought it was going to get even dirtier :lol:

Irene should just say No, she needs to wake up!!!

Stupid Leah why will she not just go and trust Pete. So glad he's ok :D

Poor Tony, really do feel sorry for him.

Gillian is Jacks dad I knew it. So Tony must of knew all along then :o

Update soon. I love this fic.

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Thanks Tash and Lil...

Tash, all your confussion will be explained next chapter. It has alot of flashbacks etc. Spoilers will be posted soon.

And the Belle/Emanuel thing too. That will be explained later even if it sounds confusing at this point :lol:

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Just a few spoilers for next chapter:

+ Jack begins to remember alot about his past, prepare for some lies to be exposed!

+ Will Irene make her decision?

+ Something Lexi and Emanuel didn't know about each other is revealed

+ Five people will leave

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