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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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As Emanuel began to pack up his life in Summer Bay, so did the Bakers; scared of Emanuel’s violent rampage that Peter discovered when he was kidnapped. Emanuel was on the run from more then one person from his past as his plan was put on hiatus. After proposing to Irene, Irene was shocked by his proposal and began to seriously think about her answer. As the tension around the Bay began to rise, Martha kept her secret hidden from Jack just as he revealed to her that his father isn’t Tony at all; it was the bad man that had ran him over… Little do they know that Jack is the devil’s son.

Chapter Eleven


[Martha is holding Jack’s hand as she begins to speak]

MARTHA: Does Tony know, that you know?

JACK: No. [Jack chuckles] I only found out myself. He’s kept it a secret this long, I’m starting to question if he was ever going to tell me.

MARTHA: Are you going to tell him that you know? [Jack stares at Martha for awhile]



[A younger Emanuel and Dennis are talking across from each other]

EMANUEL: I spoke to father before… Apparently she’s going out with one of them.


EMANUEL: Anthony.

DENNIS: Anthony Holden? [Emanuel slowly nods] Dad must be ready to kill her.

EMANUEL: He hasn’t left her with much choice.

DENNIS: What do you mean?

EMANUEL: He’s threatening her. Just like he always does.

DENNIS: She doesn’t deserve that.

EMANUEL: Of course she does. She’s with the enemy. [Dennis gets up and shakes his head]

DENNIS: It will all blow over. She’s eighteen. [A young woman walks in with a baby; Jenny]

JENNY: Emanuel, can you mind the baby. [Jenny passes the baby over to Emanuel]

EMANUEL: Where are you going?

JENNY: Out. [Jenny walks out the door as Emanuel stares at the baby, he starts crying]

EMANUEL: Great! What am I supposed to do?

DENNIS: You’re the one who got her pregnant. [The baby starts to cry louder]

EMANUEL: I can’t do this. Here. [Emanuel passes the baby over to Dennis]

DENNIS: I have to leave. Dad’s given me a job tonight. Call Gloria over.

EMANUEL: Gloria is with Dad for the night, he’s getting worse. [Dennis passes the baby back over]

DENNIS: I have to leave. I’ll call Katie, she can mind Jack for you. [Dennis exits the house. Emanuel stares at the baby as his cry becomes really loud]



JACK: Whoa, that was really weird.

MARTHA: What was?

JACK: I just had this weird flashback, I was a baby.

MARTHA: Do you remember what happened? [Jack begins to think harder as his present vision fades away]



[Many people within the church are dressed in black. Emanuel is sitting by himself at the front as a young girl walks up to him with a baby in her arms; Katie]

KATIE: How are you coping? [Katie sits next to Emanuel as they both stare at a coffin]

EMANUEL: I can’t believe she’s gone. I can’t believe she ended her life because of me.

KATIE: Don’t do this to yourself.

EMANUEL: She shot herself in the head because she bottled up what she was feeling around me. She hated me! And I never knew.

KATIE: She never hated you!

EMANUEL: You read her suicide letter Katie, don’t lie to me.

KATIE: Poor Jack. The boy is going to grow up without a mother.

EMANUEL: Where’s Tony?

KATIE: He’s outside. He’s with Jack actually. Would you want us to mind him for tonight?

EMANUEL: Actually, you can… I have a job. So that will be a great help. [Katie sighs]

KATIE: Not another one. After everything you’ve been through I thought you would of stopped this now.

EMANUEL: Dad wouldn’t want me to.

KATIE: Dad’s dead! [The whole church goes quiet as they stare at them, Katie begins to whisper] You have a little boy out there! You have to start thinking about him! He’s only four years old Emanuel! He can’t grow up around this! [Emanuel weakly smiles]

EMANUEL: You always were the good one. Out of us five kids, Dad always loved you the best, no matter how hard we tried to get his attention.

KATIE: He loved all of us equally for different reasons. [A young teenage boy walks up to them]

BOY: Manny, Jack wants you. [Emanuel grunts and looks away] Manny! He-

EMANUEL: For god’s sake! Get out of here! [The boy stares at Emanuel and runs off as people begin to stare]

KATIE: You have to give him a break.

EMANUEL: I can’t do this!

KATIE: Hugh did nothing wrong! And you are not going on this job tonight with Dennis! It’s bad enough the cops are already on our tails. [Katie gets up and walks away]



[Jack seems upset]

JACK: She’s dead.

MARTHA: Who is?

JACK: My mother. [Martha looks at Jack funny] My real mother. Biological. I’m remembering vague moments from it… I remember I’m with Dad, or Tony, and this young teenage boy ran out crying and Dad yelled out for him.

MARTHA: Who was he?

JACK: I think his name was Hugh? [Martha looks away as Jack tries to remember more]


[Dan walks out of his bedroom with a packed suitcase, Amanda is standing close by]

DAN: Where’s Peter?

AMANDA: He’s down at the beach, he’s trying to make Drew come with us. [Dan sighs]

DAN: This just feels so silly. Running away from a lunatic.

AMANDA: He’s a murderer Dan. He deals drugs. He’s dangerous.

DAN: Yeah well I don’t see the point to running. [Leah walks in]

LEAH: Are you all packed?

DAN: Yeah, yeah. [Dan hugs Leah]

LEAH: I’m going to miss you.

DAN: Hopefully it wont be too long. [Peter walks in]

AMANDA: Where’s Drew?

PETER: He’s on his way. He should be here soon. I’m just going to go down to Irene’s place.

DAN: Irene? Why?

PETER: Well she has a right to know who she’s dating.

DAN: Is that the only reason?

PETER: Well she can give us some lead to where he’s hiding. We wouldn’t have to run if she does.


[Jack begins to bang his head on the headrest]

MARTHA: Hey! Hey! Stop it!

JACK: This is annoying me!

MARTHA: What is?

JACK: How I can only remember things in pieces.

MARTHA: Jack, you’re lucky you can remember any of this. [Jack pauses for a moment] What’s wrong? What is it?

JACK: I just saw the weirdest thing.




[Tony is sitting on the lounge, playing with Jack as Katie walks over to him with the baby, she hangs up on the phone. A woman in her late twenties walks up to her. They’re wearing the same clothes from the funeral]

GLORIA: Who was that? [Katie seems upset]

KATIE: That was Dennis… They’ve been caught, they’re in jail.

GLORIA: What!?

KATIE: Can you hold James please? [Katie passes the baby over to Tony. Katie walks away]

GLORIA: What happened?

KATIE: I’m not exactly sure. I just need some fresh air. [Katie walks out. Gloria and Tony look at each other]

TONY: Oh my god.

GLORIA: This has to be the worst day of my life. We burry our sister in law, Hugh runs away and now this.

TONY: Hugh will be fine.

GLORIA: He’s fourteen Tony! We can’t call the police to search for him because now they’ll be after us!

TONY: What do you mean?

GLORIA: Well it’s only a matter of time until we end up in jail.

TONY: Wait, I was never-

GLORIA: When you married into this family Tony, you became one of us. The whole family is going to be thrown into jail. [Jack looks up at Tony]

TONY: What are we going to do about the boys if that ever happened?

GLORIA: Well Emanuel’s in jail now. You’ve been practically raising him; he’s your responsibility now. [Tony stares at James] Don’t worry. James will be okay.

TONY: How do you know?

GLORIA: Because, he’s your son Tony. I know he will be. Even if he’s just a baby. [Tony chuckles]

TONY: That has to be one of the nicest things you’ve said to me, ever.

GLORIA: Don’t make me regret it. [Gloria walks away] I have lawyers to call.



JACK: That can’t be right.

MARTHA: Are you sure?

JACK: There is no way that I have another brother besides Lucas. [Jack has a serious look on his face] What the hell is going on!?


[There’s a non stop knock at the front door, Irene races towards it]

IRENE: Hold your flippn horses, I’m coming. [irene opens the door, Peter is standing there] Peter!?

PETER: Irene. Sorry to stop by unannounced, I’m just going to make this quick okay.

IRENE: What’s this about?

PETER: Emanuel.

IRENE: What about him?

PETER: I’ve heard you’ve developed a relationship with him… But how much do you really know him? [irene seems confused]

IRENE: I’m sorry?

PETER: Were you aware that he’s part of a mafia family? He’s been in jail for over ten years on charges over murder, possession of drugs… Rape.

IRENE: Where are you going with this!? [irene seems really pissed off]

PETER: He’s after me Irene because I was the one responsible for putting him in jail all those years ago. Both Claire and I. Now that he’s out, he’s vowed revenge. Which is most likely the reason to why he moved here in the first place. [irene doesn’t know what to say]

IRENE: Is that all?

PETER: We were hoping that you would tell us where he is.

IRENE: Goodbye Peter. [irene closes the door in front of Peter and slowly walks towards the phone]

PETER: Irene!? Irene!


[Emanuel picks up his phone as he walks down the stairs]


IRENE: Emanuel, it’s me. [Emanuel seems stunned]

EMANUEL: Irene… Have you thought about my proposal?

IRENE: I just had a visitor.

EMANUEL: Really? Who?

IRENE: Peter Baker. [Emanuel’s eyes bulge out of his face]

EMANUEL: Oh… What did he say?

IRENE: Pretty much all the same things you told me the other night.

EMANUEL: Anything else?

IRENE: He wanted me to tell him where you were living.

EMANUEL: You didn’t tell him did you?

IRENE: Of course I didn’t… I don’t know why, but I love you. [Emanuel slowly smiles]

EMANUEL: I’m sorry?

IRENE: I love you. [belle walks through the door] Look, I better go.

EMANUEL: Does that mean your answer is a yes?

IRENE: I’ll visit you in the morning. [irene hangs up as Emanuel stares at the room, which has all been packed up. He quickly dials a number]

EMANUEL: Gloria! It’s Emanuel!

GLORIA: Emanuel? [it’s the same woman’s voice from before]

EMANUEL: How come you never told me he escaped!?


EMANUEL: Baker! The bastard is here! In Summer Bay!

GLORIA: Oh god.

EMANUEL: Lucky for me, I’ve already packed up and left.

GLORIA: Have you left already?

EMANUEL: I’m leaving now. [Emanuel puts one last thing his the boot of his car and stares at his front gates] Gloria?


EMANUEL: No matter what happens from here! We have to finish this! [Emanuel gets into his car and begins to reverse. As he reverses out of the driveway he stops suddenly as a car almost hits him] Bloody idiot! [Not seeing the driver, in the car was Peter, Dan, Amanda and Drew, leaving Summer Bay. As Emanuel turns onto the road, he passes a car which enters the driveway across from his house. The car finishes up at the driveway, it’s the old mansion which belonged to Amanda. Out of the car come Lexi and Jess]

LEXI: I have a good vibe about this town.

JESS: Please. Everybody is going to hate you by the end of the year.

LEXI: Positive thoughts Jess, that’s all we need.

JESS: Mum, you’ve had a failed marriage, broken so many couples apart, torn lives to shreds, what’s going to stop you here?

LEXI: You’re right. Nothing’s going to stop me. [Jess enters the front door, Lexi looks around] Summer Bay, here I come. [Lexi smiles as she stares at the house across the street from her. The house Emanuel has been living in. Lexi loses her smile as she walks inside closing the door behind her]


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oh my Lord, Emanuel is Jacky's daddy, and he tried to kill him :o What a demented family <_< My poor Jacky. And Hughy and Martha :lol: That girl has got herself into deep doo doo. Oh and Jacky has a brother :o

Stupid Irene <_< She is supposed to be on Peter's side, not some random that she barely even knows.

Great chapter

More please

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I confused!!!!

Are Jack and Martha a couple!?

They were on the verge of becoming one, but just after their make up sex Jack was ran over :P

Yeah, the Gillian's are pretty f*cked up :P And although it does sound rather confusing, everything will fall into place. It's not like you can explain the whole situation in one chapter, otherwise for the rest of the story all the suspense is gone, not more shocks and thrills :lol: It's almost over anyway. Close to five to ten chapters.

And thanks guys for the comments ! :D

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Sorry for the lack of updates! I'm about to start my trials so I'm trying to put alot of focus into that, along with my two major works :( I've just finished a chapter and hopefully it should be polished within the next few days. There's only about 5-10 chapters left, so be there to the end :P:lol:

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