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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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I'm so sorry guys for not updating lately. Just been slammed with last minutes assignments and exams :( but they're over... for now. Here's chapter nine :D it's probably worth the wait :P


Lucas was confused after his night with Ric. Thinking the unthinkable, thinking that he may be into men. A disturbing road block came between Emanuel’s plans of revenge just after news was delivered that Hugh; his brother, was expecting a child with one of his targets; Martha. Plans dramatically changed as Emanuel made a decision to get Tony out of the picture before it was too late. As he continued his relationship with Irene, a past relationship of his was revealed as his ex-wife made her way to town; Lexi Milano. Both unaware that they’re living in the small seaside town together, Emanuel continued his deathly plans as Lexi continued to launch Milano Designs. Amanda arrived back in the Bay with devastating news, Peter has been kidnapped by a Mafia family. And one of those members were living right under their noses; Emanuel, who was also responsible for putting Jack into a coma… Who has now awaken.



[Tony parks into the driveway and gets out, walking towards the house. Parked across the street, Emanuel is spying on Tony, with the gun in his hand]


[Jack is lying in bed, eyes wide open, not moving an inch. Rachel walks in for a check up. She gets a small fright when she notices Jack]

RACHEL: Oh god! [Jack slowly turns to look at Rachel, Rachel runs outside] Julie! He’s woken up! [Rachel runs back into the room] You’ve gave us all a scare for the past few weeks mate! [Rachel smiles as she begins to look at some results. Slowly, Jack begins to talk]

JACK: Are you my doctor?

RACHEL: How long have you been awake for?

JACK: A couple of hours. Since night.

RACHEL: Do you remember your full name? [Jack smiles]

JACK: Jack Anthony Gillian Holden.

RACHEL: Gillian? [Rachel looks at Jack’s file]

JACK: Mum’s maiden name.

RACHEL: It says here her name is Katie Bush. [Jack looks at Rachel funny]

JACK: I think I know my own mother’s name.

RACHEL: What’s your brother’s name?

JACK: Lucas… Is this all necessary?

RACHEL: Do you remember who your relations are?

JACK: Excuse me Doctor, but what is all this for? [Rachel pauses and slowly looks at Jack]

RACHEL: Jack? What is my name?

JACK: Rachel.

RACHEL: What year is it?

JACK: Two thousand and seven.

RACHEL: Do you remember what happened to you?

JACK: I was hit by a car.

RACHEL: Did you see the driver of the car? [Jack stares into space] Well did you?

JACK: Dad. [Rachel seems completely shocked]

RACHEL: Excuse me?

JACK: Dad!


[From his car, Emanuel continues to watch Tony, he enters the Surf Club. Emanuel sighs and turns back to face the road, something grabs his attention. A billboard promoting Milano Designs]

EMANUEL: What the hell? [Emanuel slowly says as he stares at the sign more. Which has a picture of Jess and the text saying “Be here, for the biggest launch in town- Milano Designs has a new home”]


[Matilda and Belle are sitting on the lounge as they drink juices]

MATILDA: Oh, I can’t wait for tonight!

BELLE: Same here. Irene’s coming tonight!

MATILDA: I’m dragging the boys down too! [Matilda and Belle laugh as they high five] Have you talked to Cassie yet?

BELLE: No… She’s still quiet… You?

MATILDA: Only that talk with her the other day… I wonder what’s up with her. [Tony comes rushing out of the gym, he sees Matilda and runs up to her]

TONY: Matilda! Jack just woke up, I’m going down to see him! When Alf gets back, can you get him to close the gym for me?

MATILDA: Yeah sure.

BELLE: When did he wake up?

TONY: Last night apparently.


[Tony comes running in, Rachel sees and runs up to him]

RACHEL: Whoa, whoa! Tony, just hold on a second!

TONY: He’s alright? Isn’t he?

RACHEL: He’s perfectly fine. He doesn’t know that I called you though.


RACHEL: He told me something before.

TONY: Does he know who ran him over? Was that it?

RACHEL: Yes. [Rachel pulls away, feeling emotional]

TONY: And?

RACHEL: Tony… He’s telling me that it was you! [Tony seems surprised by Rachel’s news] You’re the one who ran him over!


[The Milano show has been set up down by the beach, lights have been set up with chairs and music along with a runway. Matilda, Belle, Ric and Lucas walk down]

BELLE: You must be so happy that Jack’s awake.

LUCAS: Oh yeah. [Lucas pulls a stubborn face without the others noticing]

RIC: How come you haven’t gone down to see him?

LUCAS: Dad said they’ve been doing tests on him all day. He hasn’t even seen Jack yet.

MATILDA: I thought your dad went to the hospital this morning?

LUCAS: Yeah he did. For like five minutes. [They reach the show and notice hundreds of people around. In the distance, Irene walks down the beach with Emanuel, they meet up with Leah and Dan]

IRENE: Evening love.

LEAH: Hi Irene. [Leah looks at Irene funny as she looks back at Emanuel]

IRENE: Darl, this is Emanuel, Emanuel this is Leah, my business partner. [Leah and Emanuel shake hands]

EMANUEL: A pleasure. [Leah looks at Dan, who seems distracted]

LEAH: Dan! [Dan looks at Leah] This is Irene’s date.

DAN: Nice to meet you mate. Sorry, I didn’t catch your name? [Emanuel goes to speak, but Irene buts in]

IRENE: Emanuel, Emanuel Gillian. [Emanuel turns away, looking fearful] You’re so gorgeous!

DAN: Gillian? [Dan looks at Leah, Emanuel looks back at Dan to hide any suspicion]

EMANUEL: Heard of me before mate? [Emanuel smiles as he sees Tony in ahead of them] Excuse me. [Emanuel walks away. Sally walks up to them]

SALLY: Well this is some turn out. [sally and Irene begin to talk as Dan pulls Leah away]

DAN: He’s the guy that kidnapped Peter!

LEAH: What?

DAN: Well it makes sense. The man arrives to town around the time Peter was kidnapped.

LEAH: So? How does that explain he kidnapped Peter? There’s plenty of people with a surname like that.

DAN: Yeah, but-

LEAH: No buts Dan. You and Amanda are just thinking way too much into this. Let the police do their job. They will find him. [Emanuel continues to follow Tony as Tony walks up the beach. People begin to get in Emanuel’s way as he falls further behind Tony. He bumps into Ric and looks at him]

RIC: Are you alright mate? [Emanuel stares at Ric, and Matilda and Belle. When Emanuel sees Belle, his face drops, so does Belle]

BELLE: I’ve gotta go! [belle runs off]

MATILDA: Hey! Belle!

EMANUEL: Oh my God! [Emanuel whispers to himself]

RIC: Mate? Are you okay? [Emanuel continues to stare at Belle run off and looks up the beach, noticing Tony is gone]

EMANUEL: Damn it!


[Everyone begins to crowd around the runway, along with media as the lights dim and the music begins to blare, the show begins. A model walks down the runway, Ric and Matilda begin to watch]

MATILDA: I can’t find her anywhere!

RIC: Who?

MATILDA: Belle! She just ran off!

RIC: Maybe she ran off somewhere.

MATILDA: I just said that! Are you even listening to me?

RIC: Matilda, I don’t wanna listen. I wanna watch. [Ric continues to stare at the model as Matilda whacks him across the head. A few meters away Dan and Leah seem to be fighting]

DAN: I just want to go home!

LEAH: Can’t we wait until the show finishes?

DAN: Leah, we have to tell the police about this! It can give them some leads or something!

LEAH: Listen to yourself! You saw the charm on his face, how could he possibly be a part of a mafia family?

DAN: Yeah and you saw the bubbly, ditzy act from Zoe. No one would of guessed her for a murderous stalker. [Leah sighs as Dan’s phone begins to ring] Hello? [PAUSE] You’re kidding me!? We’ll be home in a few minutes! [Dan hangs up, Leah looks at Dan]

LEAH: What is it?

DAN: It’s Peter. [Lucas is standing on his own, towards the back. A group of gay young men get his attention]

GAY MAN 1: Oh! Look at those breasts on her!

GAY MAN 2: Her surgery is so fake! If she goes the next size up she’ll be floating towards heaven!

GAY MAN 3: Oh! And that hair! My god these hairstylists are so 1999.

GAY MAN 1: Oh! I can’t stand this dress! Lexi is definetly losing her touch!

GAY MAN 3: Oh yeah!

GAY MAN 2: I heard that she doesn’t even design anymore. Hasn’t for a long time. She steals other people’s designs.

GAY MAN 3: Oh! That’s so grade three! [Lucas smiles as he continues to watch them. Gay man 1 gets his attention]

GAY MAN 1: Oh my, my! Look at the sweet smile on his face! [Jess walks out on the runway as she closes the show. People begin to cheer and clap as all the models line up, letting Lexi walk in between them. Lexi stops at the end of the runway and begins to bow. From a distance, Emanuel watches Lexi bow, and notices Jess behind her. He slowly smiles, then walks back up the beach]

LEXI: Thank you! Thank you all for coming!


[Dan and Leah come running in. Amanda is standing in the lounge room]

DAN: Where is he? [Peter walks in from the kitchen] Oh, thank God mate! [Dan hugs Peter, Peter has a lot of cuts and bruises on his face] What happened?

PETER: We need to go.

DAN: Go? Go where?

PETER: They’re not going to stop until I’m dead! Until you’re all dead.

LEAH: What? What are you talking about?

AMANDA: You didn’t tell me this-

PETER: There’s a whole lot of them. I heard them speaking. This is all about Dennis and their jail terms.

DAN: What is?

PETER: Their revenge! They’re after us Dan! And we need to leave now!

DAN: Wait…

PETER: Dan! We just can’t wait! It will be too late!

DAN: Peter! We just can’t just pack up our lives in a second! We need to think about this!

PETER: There’s no time Dan! Emanuel Gillian and the rest of his family have the whole thing planned out! I heard it all!

LEAH: Emanuel? [Dan and Leah look at each other]

AMANDA: What is it?

LEAH: We just met him a couple of hours ago… He’s the man dating Irene.

DAN: Now who got fooled by his charm? [Dan turns away from Leah as he and Peter stare at each other]


[Emanuel races into the room as he dials a phone number]

EMANUEL: It’s me!

WOMAN’S VOICE: What’s wrong?

EMANUEL: The plan is going on hiatus for awhile.


EMANUEL: Because there’s just too many roadblocks.

WOMAN’S VOICE: Like what!?

EMANUEL: Lexi moved here.

WOMAN’S VOICE: You’re kidding me. What’s she doing there?

EMANUEL: I have no idea. But that’s not all of who I saw tonight, Belle’s here.

WOMAN’S VOICE: Belle? The one from-

EMANUEL: You know which Belle I’m talking about! Bloody hell!

WOMAN: God… Now what?

EMANUEL: I need you to continue to keep spying on that family. The Fletchers was it? I need you to take over while I skip town.


EMANUEL: I’ll speak to you soon. [Emanuel hangs up and walks towards the door, he sees Irene standing there by the doorway] Irene? What are you doing here?

IRENE: What was all that about? [Emanuel avoids eye contact] Well?

EMANUEL: I have to tell you sooner or later. [Emanuel sighs] Come in, I’ll tell you everything. [Emanuel lets Irene enter as she makes her way to the lounge room. Emanuel pulls his gun out of his jacket]


+ Will Irene hear Emanuel’s shocking plans? Or will he have something else installed?

+ Lucas begins to explore a whole new world

+ One person receives devastating results

+ The mystery surrounding Jack’s accident is resolved to some who need answers

+ What will the Baker’s do?

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Peters back, yay! But not for long -cries- Im glad they know the truth about Emanuel now :) They need to catch him before he hurts anyone else, and by anyone im talking Martha and her baby :P

Great chapter. Luc and his gay mates :lol: Thats cute. Luc's going to go gay for a bit?

Why is Jacky accusing Tony :unsure: But im glad he's awake :)

More please

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Right, now that exams are over:

Chapter 7:

Love the Tony/Hugh scene. They remind me of father/son, for some reason. Not happy with Rachel wanting to leave it til later to discuss things. But, I suppose it's logical because she's been through it before so it's understandable.

Rachel/Martha b!tchfight = awesome. What can I say? Loved it. Written very well indeed. And, omg, Fashion House!

Ah, Amanda's back in town.

Jules & Lexi slept together? Now that is interesting. It gets juicier and juicier as it goes. Lexi reminds me so much of Miranda in Devil Wears Prada lol.

Ah, so that's how Hugh's related to the Gillans. Very nice connection.

What in the world happened to Peter Baker? Don't like cliffhangers..... He'd better not be dead. If, however, he's with Clare, then, you're forgiven.

Chapter 8:

DAN: Well how many more of them are there out there?

If Dan only knew... Right, so Pete's just been kidnapped. You're semi-forgiven lol... If he does die, then, well, you know the drill.

This whole chapter is certainly action packed. Action packed in the sense that it's building up events that will eventually cause some sort of all hell breaking loose.

NO! Jack's awake! I was hoping that in his coma he'd slip away more... permanantly.

Lol, Andy... That was so funny. I was thinking just that as well.

Chapter 9:

Wait a minute, I didn't know that Lexi/Manny were married before... But, now I do.... lol

JACK: Jack Anthony Gillian Holden.

JACK: I think I know my own mother’s name.

Lol, that was funny. I think that knock must've done something to Jacky boy's brains. I like.... It gets better and better. And, him accusing Tony of knocking him down is shocking.

Uh oh, it looks like Manny found out about Lexi/Jess being in town... Interesting... Can't wait to see what happens.

Dan was spot on about Peter being kidnapped by Manny and no one believes him.

Ah, Belle and the Gillians... It gets more and more intriguing with every chapter. Lol at Belle whacking Ric on the head. Funny. And, the gay men were classic. Loved that part best of all.

I'm glad that Pete's alive... Yikes, things are going to get ugly. And, OMG, Irene. I hope she survives. She can't die. It's wrong.

All in all, brilliant chapters. Cannot wait to find out more. It's getting more and more interesting. Great job, Drew :D

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Shocks and accusations were being made as secrets were in the air for exposure. Jack accused Tony running him over and not explaining why, what could Jack be possibly be saying? Lucas became captivated in the gay world as Cassie kept her dark secret of being raped quiet. The circle of targets for Emanuel became tighter as road blocks came into the way and more of Emanuel’s past was revealed. Not only did Emanuel visit his ex-wife; Lexi’s fashion show the night before, he had also ran into a strange girl who must have been from his past once before; Belle Taylor. As the fashion show unwrapped, Dan cornered Emanuel until his proof was needed when Peter turned up in town, accusing Emanuel for all the havoc he’s about to cause. Peter only left the Bakers with two choices. Too run, or to die. The Bakers weren’t the only ones in stress, but Emanuel also as everything was getting too much for him. Just as he decided to put the plans on hiatus and to lay low, everything was heard by his present lover; Irene Roberts. Or was it?



[Emanuel is pacing around the room on the phone]

EMANUEL: I need you to continue to keep spying on that family. The Fletchers was it? I need you to take over while I skip town.


EMANUEL: I’ll speak to you soon. [Emanuel hangs up and walks towards the door, he sees Irene standing there by the doorway] Irene? What are you doing here?

IRENE: What was all that about? [Emanuel avoids eye contact] Well?

EMANUEL: I have to tell you sooner or later. [Emanuel sighs] Come in, I’ll tell you everything. [Emanuel lets Irene enter as she makes her way to the lounge room. Emanuel pulls his gun out of his jacket and places it in a draw where Irene can’t see it] How much of my conversation did you hear?

IRENE: Does it matter? The whole conversation seemed pretty juicy… What’s going on Emanuel?

EMANUEL: Irene, how much did you hear?

IRENE: Does it flippn matter Emanuel? I heard you talking about spying on the Fletchers, that’s all I need to hear. What’s going on Emanuel? Why did you really move to Summer Bay? [Emanuel looks away from Irene as Irene seems upset]


[Leah and Dan are drinking coffee at the table, Peter walks in]

PETER: Have you made a decision? [Dan looks at Leah, Leah seems upset]

DAN: Leah’s staying. [Peter slowly nods]

PETER: What? Why?

LEAH: Because I have a business to run Peter! VJ is going to school, I just can’t up and leave within a few hours. My whole life is here. [Peter shakes his head, furious]

PETER: What about you? [Dan looks at Peter]

DAN: How long are we going to be running for?

PETER: As long as it takes them to track down Emanuel.

DAN: Well we already know he’s in Summer Bay so the-

PETER: More reason to get out of here as quickly as we can! [Peter walks into the lounge room]


[irene moves away from a kiss with Emanuel]

EMANUEL: I hope you understand to why I’m doing this.

IRENE: I understand. [irene smiles as she touches Emanuel’s face] So what happens from here? [Emanuel smiles and holds Irene’s hands]

EMANUEL: Marry me. [irene’s eyes bulge out of her head]


[Lucas is lying half naked in a bed, he feels someone next to him with his foot]

GAY MAN 1: Good morning sunshine. [Lucas rolls over and sees the gay man from the fashion show next to him]


GAY MAN 1: Let me just say, I so much enjoyed last night. [The man smiles as he gets out of bed in his boxers]

LUCAS: Ugh. Yeah…

GAY MAN 1: Did you enjoy it? [Lucas seems confused as he looks around the room and sees a used condom]

LUCAS: Oh sh!t.


[sally and Brad are eating breakfast. Cassie comes through the doors]

SALLY: Morning. Where did you get off to this early?

CASSIE: Oh no where. Just went for a run. [Cassie smiles as she walks into the kitchen, her fake smile disappears]

SALLY: You went for a run with your handbag? [sally chuckles]

BRAD: It seems like you’re up to something Cass. [brad smiles as he looks at her, Cassie weakly smiles and walks towards the stairs]

CASSIE: I’m just going to go change.

BRAD: From your run?

CASSIE: Right! [Cassie runs up the stairs as Brad and Sally look at each other. Cassie enters her room quickly and takes out a pregnancy test from her handbag, she coldly stares at it]


[Lucas walks into the room, Tony is cleaning up the kitchen]

TONY: Morning mate.


TONY: Where did you stay at last night? I was calling you but it went straight through message bank, mate, what’s the story?

LUCAS: My phone just died… I just ended up at a mate’s place… Joe’s house.

TONY: Was it fun? [Lucas stares at Tony as flashes of him and the gay man play into his mind. Of them kissing and Lucas taking off the man’s shirt] Lucas?

LUCAS: Yeah, yeah. It was good.

TONY: What did you guys get up to? [Lucas continues to stare at Tony as flashes of the gay man reappear and he begins to take Lucas’ pants off and then his boxers] Mate?

LUCAS: Oh… Nothing much. We just played a few games that’s all.

TONY: What sort of games were you playing?

[Lucas falls deep into his memories from the night before]

GAY MAN 1: No use your tongue more. [Lucas is going down on the gay man] Deeper. Take it all the way.

[Tony grabs Lucas’ attention]

TONY: Did he take it all the way mate? [Lucas jumps back]

LUCAS: Sorry?

TONY: Joe, did he drive you out here? [Lucas gets one last memory in his head of last night, of himself moaning loud as the gay man lies on top] Lucas? Are you okay?

LUCAS: I’ve gotta get outta here! [Lucas runs out the door]

TONY: Hey! Lucas!? Where are you going?


[Amanda is outside drinking a coffee, Peter walks up to her]

PETER: Hey. [Amanda smiles]

AMANDA: You seem a little more calmer today.

PETER: Not really… I’m just easing the whole situation through my mind. [Peter sits down]

AMANDA: So when are we leaving?

PETER: Tonight… Dan is having a meeting with Brad to get time off. I’m about to head down to the station to assist the officers on the search of Emanuel.

AMANDA: How are you going to do that?

PETER: Well going by what Leah and Dan said about Irene supposedly dating him, he must live in the area. We’re checking out all the homes which have been purposed within the last few months. One of those have to be in his name, which could give us an address to where to find him.

AMANDA: Can you do that?

PETER: Of course we can.

AMANDA: What if the house he’s in is under a different name? [Peter stares at Amanda]

PETER: We’ll find him Amanda. And the sooner we will, the sooner we can all get on getting our lives back on track.


[belle is reading a magazine on the lounge. Irene is in the kitchen]

BELLE: He actually asked you to marry him? What did you say?

IRENE: Well I told him I’ll think about it of course.

BELLE: I haven’t even met him yet and you’re already planning on marrying him.

IRENE: Love, I haven’t accepted his proposal yet.

BELLE: So you’re going to say no?

IRENE: Belle, I have no idea what’s going to happen… I’ll tell you what, he can come over for dinner tonight, you can meet him and if you like him, I’ll marry him. [irene smiles as she kisses Belle’s forehead]

BELLE: Gez, thanks Irene. All of a sudden I have a whole heap of pressure on my head for your love life.

IRENE: Darl, we’re family. And if you don’t like him, I will decline his proposal.


[Emanuel enters his office and begins to pack things up. He tears down his wall full of his targets. All their files, everything. His phone begins to ring. He looks at the caller ID, it’s Irene. He sighs and puts it down, letting it to continue to ring]


[Martha is sitting by Jack’s side]

MARTHA: I heard something before.

JACK: Yeah, what was that? [Jack smiles as he holds Martha’s hand]

MARTHA: Hugh told me, that you accused Tony of running you over.

JACK: What!? [Jack laughs] I would never accuse him of doing that. The man has a good heart.

MARTHA: Well why did you say that?

JACK: I didn’t.

MARTHA: Well that’s what Rachel told Hugh, and that’s what Hugh said to me. Jack, what’s going on? [Jack sighs, as he loses his smile]


[Cassie is sitting by the toilet, her watch alarm goes off. She picks up the pregnancy test on the vanity. She stares at it and sighs. There’s a minus line. Cassie isn’t pregnant. She smiles with relief]

CASSIE: Oh, thank god.


[Jack is finishing telling Martha about his accusation]

JACK: And that’s what I remember… It’s him. It has to be.

MARTHA: But why would your father do that?

JACK: I don’t know… I don’t even know half the things in my life right now… I’m not sure how I can remember that much.

MARTHA: Maybe the coma reinstated old memories or something? It’s possible to lose memory, maybe it’s possible to gain ones you never remembered?

JACK: But I still don’t get it… Why would my own father want to run me over? [Outside, Tony is about to enter Jack’s room. He hears their conversation and decides not to enter]

MARTHA: You must feel so lost… Are you sure?

JACK: Of course I’m sure… Tony Holden isn’t my real father… The man that ran me over is. I remember him from when I was a child.

MARTHA: Maybe you should ask Tony about this? Maybe the coma just played around with your mind. Of course Tony is your father.

JACK: Well from these little memories I’m getting, he isn’t. I still remember being given to him and my mum… I was like four years old… Tony isn’t my father. That guy that ran me over is! [Tony seems shocked and walks away from the room and he bumps into Rachel]

TONY: Oh, thank god I ran into you!

RACHEL: Why? Tony, what’s wrong?

TONY: When you’re in a coma, is it possible to gain pieces of your memory you forgot about as a child?

RACHEL: Tony, you make no sense.

TONY: I overheard Jack talking to Martha, he’s remembering things he never remembered. Is that due to the coma?

RACHEL: It’s a possibility. [Tony seems stressed]

TONY: Oh gez.

RACHEL: Why? What is it? What does he remember?

TONY: He’s going to learn the truth about everything. [Tony begins to panic as he whispers to himself]

RACHEL: I’m sorry? [Tony runs off]

TONY: I’m sorry Rach, I have to go!


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