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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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Thanks Rosie, Tash and Liska for the comments :D Glad you're liking the strange and totally weird twists :P

Peter's dead -cries- Or did he go back to Claire and they're going to live happily ever after?

His fate will sadly be told next chapter :P (don't worry Lil, I'm sure everything will be ok hehe.

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Thanks Andy for the comment! Here's the next chapter! :D


A nasty catfight between Rachel and Martha went down after confrontation about Martha’s pregnancy to Hugh; Rachel’s not-so-boyfriend. Emanuel received news that his sister was in town, already doing her part of the “revenge scheme”, what are the Gillian’s possibly up to? Emanuel tracked down his little brother Hugh as Jack continued to stay drained out in his never ending coma. Yet just when they all thought the drama was cooling at a level, Jess and Lexi Milano moved to town, who have already wooed some men within sight… Possibly they’ve both wooed the same man *cough*Jules*cough*. Where does the drama go from here? Let’s begin with Amanda’s story of what the hell happened to Peter Baker…



[Amanda, Drew and Leah are sitting on the lounge as Dan walks in]

DAN: Amanda? What are you doing here? [Amanda gets up, all teary]

AMANDA: It’s about Pete. [Leah gets up, also sulking and hugs Dan]

DAN: What is it? Is he okay?

AMANDA: I received a call this morning. [Amanda begins to weep harder]

DAN: Amanda, please.

DREW: Claire called. Dad was with her.

DAN: And?

AMANDA: He’s not coming back…

DAN: What do you mean he’s not coming back? Amanda, where is he?

AMANDA: He’s gone. [Dan seems confused as Amanda continues to sob harder]


[Martha slowly walks into the living room, Alf walks down the stairs]

ALF: Ah, there she is, how did the new job go?

MARTHA: It could of went better.

ALF: That bad aye?

MARTHA: She’s such a cow. [Alf laughs]

ALF: They’re all like that love.

MARTHA: She doesn’t appreciate anything I do for her! She’s so tough to please.

ALF: Expect it love, there’s plenty of those people out there. [Martha sits down on the lounge] Are you alright love? You seem pretty quiet.

MARTHA: Yeah, I’m just exhausted. When’s dinner?

ALF: Sally’s just giving young Pip a bath, soon… Are you sure that’s all that it is? What about this morning? What the hell was all that about?

MARTHA: Oh, it was nothing.

ALF: It sure as hell didn’t seem like nothing. You two were pretty much acting as if you wanted to rip each others eyes out. [Martha lets out a small chuckle] Has something come between you two? [Martha looks up at Alf, teary] Hey love, don’t cry. [Alf hugs Martha]

MARTHA: I’ve made a huge mistake Granddad!


[Dan is sitting at the table across from Amanda and Leah and Drew sit on the lounge]

DAN: So what happens from here?

AMANDA: We just wait. [Dan laughs sarcastically]

DAN: Wait for what? He’s been kidnapped by mafia god’s Amanda. What do you propose we wait for?

AMANDA: I wouldn’t know! Some sort of statement from the police. Claire is doing everything she can in order to get every officer looking for him. But the chances are so slim in the underworld.

DREW: This has to be some nightmare.

DAN: Didn’t- didn’t he die last year when Peter saved Drew?

AMANDA: Who Dennis? Apparently he was just one of the sons.

DAN: Well how many more of them are there out there?


[Emanuel’s phone rings. He answers it]


WOMAN’S VOICE: Manny, it’s me. [Emanuel’s eyes widen]

EMANUEL: I heard you were in town.

WOMAN’S VOICE: I’m just about to approach their house now.

EMANUEL: Well make sure that no one can see you.

WOMAN’S VOICE: Please, it’s surrounded by bush.

EMANUEL: I thought we weren’t going ahead of this part of the plan until I had power over the Bay.

WOMAN’S VOICE: Yeah, well I got bored sitting home by myself. Besides, if I start now, it will be easier to gain their trust. [The phone is disconnected on the other line. Emanuel sighs as he hangs up. Staring at Tony’s file]


[Alf is sitting on the lounge in shock and disbelief]

ALF: You’re pregnant?

MARTHA: I know… I know, this is huge. And I’m scared and alone and-

ALF: But you’re not with Jack anymore… You guys are separated… Whose the father? [Martha takes a deep breath as Sally and Brad walk down the stairs]

SALLY: Dinner’s ready guys if you want to come and eat. [sally smiles as she moves to the kitchen. Brad notices the silence between Alf and Martha]

BRAD: Is everything okay guys? [Martha stares towards Brad as Alf stares into space]

MARTHA: Granddad?

ALF: I think you should tell them.

SALLY: Tell us what? [Ric walks in from the back door. Martha turns around to look at everyone and gets up from the lounge]

MARTHA: No body can know about this, not anybody. Not just yet.

RIC: What’s going on? [Ric sounds confused]

MARTHA: I’m pregnant.

SALLY: Pregnant?

MARTHA: And Hugh’s the father.

ALF: Hugh!?

RIC: What!?

SALLY: Oh my god! How did this happen? Does he know? [Martha nods as she looks at the floor] What about Rachel?

BRAD: Hugh? Hugh Sullivan?


BRAD: Oh gez. Poor Bloss.

ALF: Is that what this morning was about? [Martha nods]

BRAD: What happened this morning?

ALF: I caught the pair of them, ripping each other’s hair out. [brad sighs and moves towards Sally]

BRAD: I’m going to go see Rachel, I’ll be back soon. [brad kisses Sally on the cheek]

RIC: You and Hugh? I don’t get it.

MARTHA: Granddad’s party.

RIC: Now I get it. [Ric sighs as Alf stares coldly towards Martha]

ALF: What are you going to do?

MARTHA: I’m not sure. The only thing I am aware of is that I am going to have this baby and if Hugh doesn’t want to be apart of it then that’s fine… I just need your support that’s all. [sally walks up to Martha and gives her a hug]

SALLY: You have our support. From all of us.


[The Milano Mansion- Amanda’s old house. Lexi and Jess are sitting on the lounge, Lexi is drinking a glass of wine as Jess drinks a bottle of beer]

JESS: I’ve missed moments like these.

LEXI: Well we don’t get many of them. Always busy with work.

JESS: Maybe now that we’ve moved here it will give us more time to be together. [Lexi laughs]

LEXI: I highly doubt that. I made plans to move here six months ago to get away from it all. To get away from that ex-jailbird husband of mine. [Jess seems disappointed]

JESS: Yeah but so, a new start for the company can also be a fresh start for us. [Lexi smiles]

LEXI: As much as I love you darling, we’re never going to be around each other. It’s a fact of the working life. After tomorrow’s launch in Summer Bay, it’s going to be one heck of a rollercoaster.

JESS: I thought you wanted to move here for a fresh start for the company, not because of dad. [Lexi smiles and gets up]

LEXI: Believe me sweetie, there’s a lot of reasons to why I wanted a fresh start. Emanuel being one of those. [Lexi finishes her wine as she stares out the window]


[Emanuel walks in with a glass of scotch and sits down staring at his gun on the desk. Emanuel’s phone rings, he answers]


WOMAN’S VOICE: Emanuel, it’s me.

EMANUEL: Two phone calls in one night… Wow, someone sounds desperate. [Emanuel smiles]

WOMAN’S VOICE: Emanuel, this is serious. [Emanuel sits up straight, he begins to look serious]

EMANUEL: What is it? What did you see?

WOMAN’S VOICE: From what I’ve heard, there’s a baby on the way.

EMANUEL: What? You’re not making sense.

WOMAN’S VOICE: One of the targets, Martha, she’s pregnant.


WOMAN’S VOICE: She’s pregnant with Hugh’s baby! [Emanuel’s eyes widen]

EMANUEL: Are you sure?

WOMAN’S VOICE: Well how many Hugh Sullivan’s can there be in one small town? We know that’s the name Hugh is using here.

EMANUEL: How are you sure that it’s Hugh’s?

WOMAN’S VOICE: Because I saw the conversation. They mentioned Hugh Sullivan was the father. Manny, you know what this means?

EMANUEL: I know what this means. [There’s a long silence on the phone]

WOMAN’S VOICE: What are we going to do?

EMANUEL: We’re going to have to change the whole plan… Don’t call me in the next few days. I’m going to figure something out. [Emanuel hangs up and stares at the gun which lies on top of Tony’s file] I’m sorry Tony, road blocks like these sometimes pushes your plans way ahead. [Emanuel finishes loading his gun] It looks like your time is up. Sooner then we anticipated. [Emanuel gets up and walks out the door with the gun]


[Tony is sitting by the bed. He stares at the clock, it’s 10:45pm. He kisses Jack on the forehead and moves out the door]

TONY: See you tomorrow Jack. [As Tony closes the door behind him. Jack’s eyes slowly move and full widen- Jack’s awake!]


It’s going to be a night full of shocks and surprises when…

+ Lexi launches Milano Designs

+ Lucas does the unthinkable

+ The unexpected arrives back in town with a threatening message

+ What will happen to Tony?

+ And will Jack remember who ran him over?

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NO! Jack's awake! I was hoping that in his coma he'd slip away more... permanantly. :P

You're doing a good job with Emanuel Gillan - he has the presence of a gangster - very menacing and ruthless. I like it!

Can't wait to find out what Lucas does. Update soon.

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Thanks guys for the comments!

Lil, Manny is just short for Emanuel :lol: You'll love what Lucas will do Andy :P believe me :lol:

Tash; Jack may not even remember Martha so it may not bother :P

Oh, and this mystery woman. She's Emanuel's sister... I tried to make it as clear as I could :P

Anywho, i'll update later hopefully tomorrow!

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