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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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Here's some teasers for the next chapter which will be up by the end of the afternoon.

TONY: Thanks Hugh… And I appreciate it that you say nothing to Lucas or Jack about their mother. They don’t need to know. They’ll be wanting to know answers. Jack would investigate the whole thing and end up facing danger once he finds what he’s looking for.

HUGH: He won’t be facing Dennis or Emanuel, Tony. Dennis is dead, Emanuel is in jail.

TONY: No matter how hard Jack tries to find answers, he’s going to end up bring the danger here… I just know it.


+ Dan recieves a shocking call about Peter

+ Drew and Jules head down to a rave- will Jules follow in Drew's footsteps?

+ Hugh and Rachel reach breaking point

+ A shocking family connection begins to be put together

+ Irene and Emanuel's first date arrives

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Wasnt Dennis, Kate's (Jack's mum) brother?? Hmm...so does that mean Jacky will be waking up soon?? Ooo..Hughy and Rachy reach breaking point?? I likey, then Hughy can be with Martha :D Oh and Emanuel, im assuming goes to prison after his date with Irene?

Cant wait :)

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Rachel discovered the devastating news that Martha was carrying Hugh’s child. Destroyed and depressed, Hugh left Rachel alone as she cried peacefully on her own. Drew’s been getting into the drug scene as Cassie left Jules a single man. Emanuel prepared to get his plan underway as he wormed himself into Irene’s life and Jack continued to stay in his coma; which Dan discovered Lucas is overwhelmed with joy for the state that Jack is in.



[Hugh is sitting by the table, looking heavily sleepy as he drinks a coffee. Rachel walks in, wearing the same clothes as the night before]

HUGH: Where have you been?

RACHEL: I just needed some space.

HUGH: For the whole night?

RACHEL: Yes Hugh, finding out that your boyfriend slept with your friend and she’s now pregnant doesn’t go over your head in an hour.

HUGH: Rach- it’s not as if it meant anything.

RACHEL: Is that what you’re going to tell your child when Martha gives birth? That the connection that made him didn’t mean anything? [Hugh says nothing as he stares at his coffee] I’m going to have a shower.

HUGH: Don’t run away from this Rachel.

RACHEL: Excuse me?

HUGH: You’re making excuses to avoid me! Stop acting like a child and face the problem!

RACHEL: This is not my problem Hugh! This is yours!

HUGH: Well it’s affecting you, so it’s affecting me!

RACHEL: Well if you used your brains, not your hormones, we wouldn’t be in this mess! [Hugh seems offended as he shakes his head and walks towards the front door] Where are you going?

HUGH: It’s my time to get some space now, okay?

RACHEL: Great. So you’re just going to dump all of this on me and walk away!

HUGH: I’m not walking away on this Rachel. You’re the on whose avoiding all of this. [Hugh walks out the front door as Rachel slowly begins to break down in tears]


[Hugh is sitting on the sand, Tony, coming out of the surf walks up to Hugh]

TONY: Morning.

HUGH: Morning. [Tony sits down]

TONY: Are you alright mate?

HUGH: I’m not so sure. [Hugh chuckles] My life seems like a mess at the moment.

TONY: I hear your pain… Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?

HUGH: Just problems with Rachel. We’re going through one of those stages.

TONY: Yeah, they really dig your head in those patches. [Tony chuckles] It will die down soon, don’t worry.

HUGH: I don’t think so… This is one of those problems that won’t go away for awhile. [Tony seems confused] Never mind. You’ll find out soon enough. We just seem to be treading on each others toes for the past twenty four hours. No pleasant talk. Just fighting. It’s endless. I won’t be surprised if she’s packed her bags already.

TONY: Gez mate, you think it’s that serious?

HUGH: I’m not thinking… I know.


[Hugh walks in, he sees suitcases by the door, he sighs. Rachel walks out]

HUGH: Rachel, it doesn’t have to end like this.

RACHEL: Well the problem isn’t going to go away, is it Hugh? She’s pregnant, you’re the father, it’s painful once, but going through it twice you just want to die.

HUGH: You don’t have to leave. [Rachel wipes a tear away and laughs]

RACHEL: I’m not the one who is leaving, you are Hugh.

HUGH: Rachel please… We’re stronger then this.

RACHEL: I’ve packed all your stuff, clothes, CDs. Everything’s packed. [Hugh looks like he’s about to cry]

HUGH: Rachel, we can work this out, we just have to try. [Rachel sobs as she shakes her head]

RACHEL: I’m not ready to try something just as yet… Maybe soon. [Hugh seems crushed as he picks up his suitcases and walks out the door]


[Hugh is loading his suitcases in the car, Tony walks past and sees him]

TONY: I’m guessing you guys haven’t sorted anything out?

HUGH: It’s just temporary, I hope. [Hugh smiles]

TONY: Where are you staying at?

HUGH: Not sure… The caravan park maybe.

TONY: Come stay at our place.

HUGH: Nah, I couldn’t do that.

TONY: Sure you can, you can stay in Jack’s room for now. He won’t be home any time soon.

HUGH: Only if you’re sure.

TONY: Mate, that’s what family’s are for. [Tony smiles as he puts his arm around Hugh’s neck]


[Drew walks out of his bedroom as he finishes getting ready, Jules walks in from the kitchen]

DREW: You ready mate? [Drew smiles as he messes his hair up]

JULES: Yeah, I just want to pop round to Cassie’s first.

DREW: Mate, she dumped you. You’re a single hunk now, have to come out and party with me. [Drew smiles as he hugs Jules]

JULES: Well when you’re off your face on drugs, who am I going to be hanging out with?

DREW: You’ll pick up. It’s a rave Jules, not a dinner party. I’m going to see if Belle wants to come. [Drew smiles as he picks up his phone]


[belle picks up her phone after receiving a text, from Drew asking her if she wants to come to the rave tonight]

IRENE: Who was that love?

BELLE: Matilda. She was just wondering what I was up to tonight. [irene smiles and shows Belle two pairs of earings]

IRENE: Which pair?

BELLE: Those one. [belle says as she points to Irene’s left hand] I don’t know why you’re going all out to impress this guy, you barely know him.

IRENE: Well the more fun why to impress Belle. [irene smiles as she walks into the bathroom]

BELLE: Don’t you find it a little odd how he turns up here with no car or phone?

IRENE: Belle, love, he’s car died and so did his phone. It’s not like it doesn’t happen to us.

BELLE: Well where is his car? Why is he hiring a limousine?

IRENE: Maybe he’s trying to impress me. God save us girly, what’s with all the snoopy business. It’s just dinner.

BELLE: With a man you barely know.

IRENE: Love, I’m sure I’ll be fine. [irene kisses Belle on her head as she moves upstairs]


[Drew is drinking as he dances with a girl, he turns around and sees Jules trying to make his way pass all the people dancing]

DREW: You look like you’re dead mate.

JULES: I am. I haven’t slept all night after what Cassie did to me.

DREW: Oh man, get over it. Have fun. [Drew brings out a packet of drugs from his jacket] Here, this will make you feel better.

JULES: Mate, you can kill yourself on that.

DREW: Yeah I know. It’s worth the risk. Everyone should take risks in their life, it’s what makes it so fun. [Drew grins as he throws the packet over to Jules, Jules catches it and stares at it]


[Hugh walks out of the shower, Tony finishes cleaning up]

TONY: All settled in?

HUGH: Yeah, yeah… Thanks…

TONY: It’s no problem mate. That’s what family is for. [Hugh sighs as he sits at the table]

HUGH: Family… Yeah. [Hugh looks at Tony] My family hated you… And here you are letting me stay in your home. Why? [Tony sighs as he sits down]

TONY: Gez, months after you’ve been living in the Bay, I should of expected this conversation to come up. I thought all the avoidance was going to stay that way for awhile… Where do we start?

HUGH: There’s no place to start. What happened in the past is in the past.

TONY: And I agree.

HUGH: I haven’t talked to my family in awhile actually… After the whole drama with Katie, I couldn’t handle it anymore… I left.

TONY: So you don’t talk to them anymore?

HUGH: No, none of them. They all went to jail a few months later, I couldn’t be more happier… Do the boys know what happened to Katie?

TONY: No. And I want it to stay that way. This family is built up on secrecy. I don’t know how I ended up here.

HUGH: When you married my sister. [Hugh smiles] You were good for her Tony. No matter what the others said.

TONY: Thanks Hugh… And I appreciate it that you say nothing to Lucas or Jack about their mother. They don’t need to know. They’ll be wanting to know answers. Jack would investigate the whole thing and end up facing danger once he finds what he’s looking for.

HUGH: He won’t be facing Dennis or Emanuel, Tony. Dennis is dead, Emanuel is in jail.

TONY: No matter how hard Jack tries to find answers, he’s going to end up bring the danger here… I just know it.


[Dan walks in from the lounge room after the phone continues to ring, he answers]

DAN: Hello. [Leah walks in as Dan listens to the phone] Slow down, slow down.

LEAH: What is it?

DAN: What’s wrong? [Leah looks at Dan, worried] Well is he okay? [PAUSE] I’ll give him a ring. I’m sure it will all be okay.

LEAH: What’s going on?

DAN: Yes, I’ll call you if I can get through. [Dan hangs up and looks at Leah] That was Amanda. Peter received a call from Claire she told me.

LEAH: And?

DAN: He just vanished about an hour later. His clothes are gone, everything.

LEAH: What? Why would Peter do something like that for?


[There’s a knock at the door, Irene opens it, Emanuel is standing there]

EMANUEL: Are you ready for a night you’ll never forget? [Emanuel slyly smiles as he takes Irene’s hand, leading her outside]


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Hugh should move in with Martha again, since she's going to need all the support she can get with this pregnancy, esp since Jacky is in a coma. Hugh and Tony are in-laws, that i didnt see coming :P Oh wellz, looks run in the family. So Hughy is Jacky's uncle, oh that has got to suck for him. His ex-wife getting pregnant to his uncle :lol:

Drew and drugs, tsk tsk. Jules better be sensible <_<

Great chapter

More please :)

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Here's some "spoilers" for the next chapter which will be up by tomorrow!

BELLE: She’s over the moon about him. They had dinner on an expensive boat where he took her there by limo. Bought her jewelry worth ten grand, and gave her a kiss goodnight.

RIC: Ohh. Irene’s in loooove.

BELLE: I was pretty suspicious about him though. He arrived in the Bay with no car or phone. It was as if it was some strategic plan to get inside the house and rob us. [belle chuckles]

JULES: What’s his name?

MATILDA: Yeah? Who is this rich guy? [belle thinks for a second]

BELLE: I think she said Emanuel Gilligan? Gillian? Something like that. [Jules’ face drops after hearing his name]

JULES: Gillian?

BELLE: I think so. [Jules seems shocked and looks down, avoiding the other three]

RIC: So is he a millionaire or something?

BELLE: I’m not sure. [belle notices Jules’ strange behavior] Hey, are you okay? Jules? [Jules quickly looks up and changes his facial expressions]

JULES: Um, I just remembered something. I have to go. [Jules quickly gets up and leaves]

+ Someone decides to leave the Bay after discovering something dangerous

+ Another moves to town, and no one will be prepared for her

+ A discovery is made by Belle and Matilda; a discovery which won't prepare anyone for the heartache and drama ahead &

+ Will Jules and Drew be caught out by the drugs?

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