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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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Story Title: Home and Away: The Dark Days

Type of story: Not so sure. Long... Depends how far it goes.

Main Characters: Entire Cast

BTTB rating: T/A (V/D) (SC)

Genre: Drama, Violence, Mystery, Tragedy, Romance

Does story include spoilers: No not really. It's not continuing off any recent H&A stories in Australia. Just some characters from this point.

Any warnings: No... Just violence, adult themes.

Summary: Living it up in Summer Bay suburbia always seems pleasent, even when a crazed stalker blows up a wedding or a boyish punk poisons an innocent middle aged lady. When the normal dramas of every day life continue to rotate throughout the bay, a mafia mob move to town to spice things up. As the town continues to drown their sorrows in shocking affiars and suicides, nothing can prepare them for the never ending surprises which comes their ways. As Home and Away enters the dark ages, it's a matter of guessing, who will make it out alive?

Hey guys. New fic :D haven't wrote one in awhile. It's like my first one, Bay Crush, so any fans of that should love this. If you've never read it, then just read this one :P It's always hard to come up with a first chapter to get things going so I tried my best. If you begin to read some things and realize it sounds familiar, some stories were used in Bay Crush and Desire and Despair as the stories were never completed there. Hope you find it interesting. Yes, it's in script format :P my stronger point then to a novel type of a fiction. And that script comp I won, that story is being played out here if you ever wished to know how it all started and finished. Also comment bad if no ones likes it. It's good to have criticism :P


V.O SALLY: Summer Bay. The town which is full of sunlight and the fresh breeze. Where the ocean waves crash onto sands and where people head down for a morning surf. Over the years I’ve seen my fair share of the drama throughout our loved town. Scandalous affairs being exposed, dangerous decisions being made and bloody deaths which has rocked many lives of our sea side town. Yep, this is the town I grew up in, the town I love to live in. I wouldn’t trade it for any other home. Even if the days in Summer Bay became darker then the midnight sky.


[sally walks through the back door with a basket full of washing. Brad walks in from the pantry, eating a sandwich]

BRAD: There you are, I was trying to find you.

SALLY: And I told you to go fix the shower in van 26. [sally smiles as Brad continues to eat his sandwich]

BRAD: Yeah, all in good time.

SALLY: And when will that be? [Ric walks in with a case of beer]

RIC: Mate, could you help me with the other cases? I’ve got at least another twenty in the van.

BRAD: As soon as I help Ric with his beer. [sally chuckles and places the basket down]

SALLY: Remind me again why I gave you permission to throw a party in my home?

RIC: Well I asked you for permission, and you said yes. I didn’t have to beg at all.

SALLY: I don’t remember saying yes though.

RIC: I asked you last night when you were in bed. “Sal- can I throw a party?†And you called out “yesâ€. [Ric smiles as Brad walks in with a case laughing, Sally looks serious]

SALLY: I wasn’t calling out to you Ric.

RIC: Yeah, I know. [Ric pats Brad on the back as he walks outside smiling]


[Martha finishes off having lunch, Jack walks in, notices Martha and sits next to her]

JACK: I’m starving.

MARTHA: And I’m about to go to work. [Martha gets up and walks towards the kitchen stairs]

JACK: I just finished work, can’t we at least talk for ten minutes?

MARTHA: You have five.

JACK: Can’t I eat first?

MARTHA: Jack, we’re not together. You can eat if you want to, I need to get ready to take over Granddad’s shift at the bar. If you want to talk, talk as I finish getting ready.


[Martha and Jack enter]

JACK: Just because we’re not married anymore, you can’t give me ten minutes to talk?

MARTHA: If we were still married Jack, I would still give you five minutes. [Martha walks into her room and talks as Jack stays in the living area]

JACK: If I was in the mood, if you know what I mean, you’d give me more then ten.

MARTHA: Jack, if you were in the mood, we wouldn’t need ten minutes. I would be out of the door in two.

JACK: Ouch. That’s so harsh.

MARTHA: Yet, it’s so true. [Martha walks out]

JACK: Alright then, well let me prove it. [Jack smiles as Martha has a sarcastic look of horror]

MARTHA: You are so sleazy. I wouldn’t sleep with you ever again, even if the world depended on it.

JACK: You’re really hurting my self esteem you know.

MARTHA: Jack, I will not sleep with you. I’m late for work. [Jack has a huge grin on her face as Martha chuckles]


[The room is full of people drinking and making out, Matilda and Belle enter together holding hands]

MATILDA: Wow, the party is really going off.

BELLE: That tends to happen at an open house party. [Ric walks up to the girls and kisses Matilda’s neck]

RIC: I’ve missed you.

MATILDA: Please tell me Sally knows that this is an open house party.

RIC: It’s not. [Ric looks surprised]

MATILDA: Belle just told me that- [Matilda goes to look at Belle, but she’s in the distance greeting strangers]

RIC: Well it looks like Belle invited her own friends.

[Jules and Cassie are making out on the sofa]

JULES: Do you want to take this upstairs?

CASSIE: No, someone would see us.

JULES: Not if we’re in your room with the door locked. [Jules cheekily smiles as a hand in the background places a drug in a drink which is beside Cassie and Jules without them noticing]

CASSIE: Jules, we’re not going to do anything tonight. [Cassie smiles]

JULES: Fine. It’s ok anyway. Someone might already be in your room the way this party is going. [Cassie has a shocked look on her face]

CASSIE: I’ll be up there in five minutes.

JULES: Great! [Jules smiles and leaps off the sofa. Cassie shakes her head and grabs her drink- the drink which was just drugged. Taking a sip out of it, she merges back into the crowd]

[Lucas and Drew are laughing as they enter the living room from the stairs and bump into Cassie]

CASSIE: What’s so funny?

DREW: When you get to your bedroom you’ll see.

CASSIE: Is it Jules? [Lucas and Drew look at each other and laugh, walking off. Cassie walks up the stairs. Drew and Lucas break apart, Drew walks outside and bumps into Wazza]

WAZZA: Where’ve you been mate? I told you I’m not staying here for long.

DREW: Sorry, I was busy.

WAZZA: Getting another stash off someone else? [Wazza laughs as he passes a small packet of drugs towards Drew]

DREW: Thanks mate, I owe you.

WAZZA: Yeah, you do. [Wazza walks off as Drew stares at the drugs]


[Martha is staring into space and sighs]

JACK: What’s wrong? [Jack emerges from the other side of the bed and kisses her on the neck]

MARTHA: I can’t believe we just did that. [Martha begins to laugh]

JACK: I can’t believe you thought it would all be over in two minutes.

MARTHA: Well it didn’t last for ten… Granddad’s going to kill me for not turning up. You better go, knowing him he’ll turn up here.

JACK: I rather stay here and let him find us. [Jack kisses Martha’s neck, they then begin to kiss]


[Cassie- half naked, runs out of her bedroom and enters the bathroom]

JULES: Cassie!? What’s wrong!?

[Cassie throws up in the toilet. Washing her face, she stares at herself in the mirror, but sees a blur. Stumbling towards the door, the door opens and someone walks in. Beginning to feel really dizzy as her eye sight continues to blur, Cassie falls into the arms of the person who had just entered]

CASSIE: I don’t feel good. [The young man (who is faceless) begins to stroke her hair] Something is happening to me.

FACELESS MAN: Shh. You’ll be fine with me.


[Ric gets out of bed and begins to moan]

LUCAS: Shut up Ric, you’re giving me a headache. [Ric eyes widen as he turns to the person beside him in bed- who is Lucas. Lucas fully wakes and slowly turns to look at Ric. They both stare at each other and scream]

V.O SALLY: It’s days like these in Summer Bay which is full of surprises. When we think we know somebody, we have no idea how secretive their lives are, just like Drew Curtis. We wouldn’t of seen the danger lurking which has placed one of our loved ones lives in danger- just like Cassie. We would never of suspected that the old golden couple of Summer Bay would of reunited, just like Jack and Martha had. As Jack Holden walked home from the Diner Flat that morning, he too couldn’t believe how quickly a change in his life could of occurred.


[Jack is walking along the side of the road. From the distance, a black car is speeding towards Summer Bay as it passes the welcoming sign. The driver (early 40’s, dark hair-pretty fit) of the car looks at a file of Lucas Holden, then flips it over to Dan Baker, flipping over again to Jack Holden. Beside the files lies a gun. Noticing Jack crossing the road, the driver speeds up and directly heads for Jack, running him over. Landing hard on the road, Jack’s face is covered in bruises, cuts and blood]

V.O SALLY: Yes. It’s surprises like these which show just how quickly ones life can change. When you’re on top of the world, expect something hard to hit you. That’s how life rotates in Summer Bay. It’s a fact that we all have to get used to. And although we can’t see the danger, we should suspect it, even if it’s right under our noses.


[irene opens the door, before her stands the driver who had ran over Jack]

IRENE: Can I help you?

EMANUEL: My name is Emanuel, Emanuel Gillian. My car broke down a couple streets up, my phone just died. Would I be able to use yours? [irene looks a little surprised]

IRENE: Ah yeah, sure love. Just come right in. [irene walks back into the living room, Emanuel smiles and stares out into the ocean- beginning to talk to himself]

EMANUEL: So this is the famous Summer Bay. Life’s about to become a rollercoaster for them… They’re not going to know what hit ‘em. [Emanuel slyly smiles as he closes the door of the beach house, leaving him and Irene alone]


+ Does Jack survive?

+ What happened to Cassie?

+ Someone is hiding a secretive pregnancy… But who?

+ What happened between Ric and Lucas?

+ Will Irene be okay?

+ Just what exactly does Emanuel have install for the Bay as he calls the seaside town home?

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:lol: That was funny, but sad at the same time. You alwayz have to have Jack run over dont you :lol: Great start. The faceless man :lol: That cracked me up. And Jack and Martha, i couldnt stop laughing. Jules drugged Cassie though <_<

More please

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RIC: I asked you last night when you were in bed. “Sal- can I throw a party?†And you called out “yesâ€. [Ric smiles as Brad walks in with a case laughing, Sally looks serious]

SALLY: I wasn’t calling out to you Ric.

RIC: Yeah, I know. [Ric pats Brad on the back as he walks outside smiling]

That was SO funny!! Great fic!

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