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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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This story is playing off the show's current timeline in Australia. So Jules is here and Peter and Amanda are now bye-bye (for now anyways :P ). The Gillian story in D&D is playing out in here. In the normaly H&A's timeline, Dennis is dead, so I made a new character, Emanuel. He has a few connections to a few people in the bay and his connection to Dennis will be told later on... Hope it makes sense... Next chapter should be up tomorrow!

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Lying on the cold hard road, Jack’s body was found by Alf. Falling into a coma, Hugh delivered the news to Tony and Martha that Jack may not come out of the coma, and if he will, expect some amnesia coming from Jack’s brain. Rachel knew the truth about why Jack was at the diner early that morning and confronted Martha. Telling Martha that she has to tell Jack the truth about her pregnancy, Martha built up the courage to tell the father. Arriving on the doorstep and being greeted by Leah, Martha took a stutter when she asked to see Hugh. Cassie remembered the night before with tearful memories; discovering that she was drugged and rapped. And Emanuel played his charm on Irene, sucking his way deep into her life.



[Ric, Sally, Brad and Alf are eating dinner at the dinner table]

ALF: You should have seen the look on Tony’s face when Hugh told him the news… It would be a face I would never forget.

SALLY: I can’t believe this has happened… Who would do such a terrible thing?

RIC: Well that’s the question everybody is going to want answers to. It wasn’t as if Jack had enemies.

BRAD: Yeah but look at his job. He works with criminals everyday. Maybe it was just some screwed up criminal out for revenge, thinking Jack was in the wrong.

ALF: You might have a point there mate… Where’s young Cassie?

SALLY: I don’t know… Ric, did you tell her dinner was ready?

RIC: Yeah, she didn’t answer me… She just stayed quiet.

SALLY: She’s been like that all day, did something happen at the party last night?

RIC: Not that I’m aware of. She was fine last night… After she went to her bedroom, that was the last I saw of her.

SALLY: Did she go up with Jules?

RIC: Yeah, but he wasn’t up there for long, he came down after five minutes.

SALLY: Do you think they had a fight?

RIC: No… I think it’s something more then that.


[Cassie is lying on her bed, crying as she holds a stuffed toy]


[Hugh is making himself a coffee, there’s a knock at the door, Hugh opens it, Martha stands there]

HUGH: Martha, hi.

MARTHA: Hey… I came round last night, you weren’t home.

HUGH: Yeah, yeah. Both Rachel and I worked a double shift, Leah told us though that you dropped round. I was going to call you later, what’s wrong? [Hugh begins to drink his coffee as Martha slowly walks towards him]

MARTHA: Is Rachel home?

HUGH: She’s sleeping. We had a late night last night, Leah made us a surprise dinner. [Hugh smiles] Would you like a coffee?

MARTHA: No thanks… [Martha begins to stare at Hugh]

HUGH: How are feeling, since yesterday with Jack?

MARTHA: Ok I guess… It’s not like we’re together or anything.

HUGH: So no old feelings resurfacing?

MARTHA: I don’t wanna talk about it.

HUGH: Oh, sure… I just thought that you might like to talk about it to somebody… Do you want me to wake Rachel up for you?

MARTHA: No, no, no. I came here for you. [Hugh smiles]

HUGH: Really, what’s up?

MARTHA: The results of what a drunken one night stand at my granddad’s party could do to you. [Hugh’s smile disappears]

HUGH: You’re pregnant?

MARTHA: And you’re the father. [Martha tries to smile but doesn’t when she notices how frustrated Hugh looks]


[Tony is standing besides Jack’s bed, hooked up too machines, Tony holds Jack’s hand as Dan walks in]

TONY: Hey Dan... What are you doing here?

DAN: I came to see the patient. [Dan smiles] How’s he doing?

TONY: No changes since yesterday.

DAN: He’ll pull through, you know that right?

TONY: Yeah, but what if he doesn’t?

DAN: Don’t think about the negatives Tony, think about the positives. How’s Lucas doing?

TONY: He’s pretty shaken up… He’s not talking as much, but I guess that’s to be expected.

DAN: Would you like me to have a word to him? [Tony looks up at Dan]

TONY: That’ll be great- thanks.


[Hugh seems stressed as he paces around the room]

HUGH: There’s no way that it can be mine.

MARTHA: Hugh, I haven’t been intimate with a man in a long time, not since Cam.

HUGH: Well it could be his.

MARTHA: I’m two months pregnant Hugh, not nine.

HUGH: Oh gez… How long have you known?

MARTHA: Just under a month. No one knows; only Rachel, so you can’t say anything.

HUGH: Rachel knows!?

MARTHA: She knows I’m pregnant… She doesn’t actually know that you’re the father.

HUGH: God, what am I gonna tell her?

MARTHA: Don’t. She’s been through enough heartache over the year. Especially when her own husband had a baby with his ex.

HUGH: Ex-husband! I just can’t lie to her forever Martha. The lies will eat me inside!

MARTHA: Don’t think how this is going to affect you, think of how it’s going to affect Rachel… She’s one of my good friends. She doesn’t deserve any of this, not after the situation with Kim and Kit where he left her heart broken. [behind the living area, Rachel is listening. She begins to silently cry and slowly walks back to her room, not saying anything]


[There’s a knock at the door, Lucas walks towards it and opens it]

LUCAS: Belle!?

BELLE: [belle begins to whisper] Hey, is anyone home?

LUCAS: No, Matilda just left… [belle grows a huge grin and jumps onto Lucas] Hey, hey, what’s with all the energy?

BELLE: Oh come on baby, don’t tell me you’re not in the mood. [belle smiles as she kisses Lucas]

LUCAS: Not really. [Lucas chuckles]

BELLE: Why baby? [belle begins to kiss Lucas’ neck]

LUCAS: Incase you haven’t heard, my brother is at the brink of death. [belle stops kissing him]

BELLE: Oh… You’re probably right… I didn’t think of that I’m so sorry. [belle picks up her bag] Are you okay?

LUCAS: Yeah, yeah. I’m fine… It’s just I don’t really have the energy. Plus, someone might come home. We don’t want to get busted. It’s not like we want to tell people we’re going out again. [belle smiles]

BELLE: I’ve actually gotta head down to work, I just thought I’ll come here before hand. [belle kisses Lucas on the lips] Bye.


BELLE: Call me. [As Belle walks off, she passes Dan, Dan knocks on the door]

DAN: Hi mate, how you holding up?

LUCAS: I would so be a millionaire if I received a dollar after every time somebody has asked that.

DAN: We’re just concerned for you mate. How are you really feeling?

LUCAS: To be honest Dan, I really don’t care about Jack’s little accident. He can be trapped in his coma for the rest of his life. It’s a better punishment then death. [Dan seems really confused]

DAN: Mate, what are you talking about?

LUCAS: Jack would know what I’m talking about… He deserves where he is at the moment. I really don’t give a bull if he wakes up or not. I have bigger problems at the moment.

DAN: Yeah, like what?

LUCAS: Dan, just leave me alone! I don’t want to talk to anyone at the moment! [Dan stands frozen by the door] Please, just let me be.

DAN: Okay… Okay mate… Just call me if you want to talk okay?

LUCAS: I will. [Lucas smiles and closes the door as Dan walks out, he rests up against it and sighs]


[Cassie is lying on her bed, staring into space, there’s a knock at her door]

SALLY: Cassie, Jules is here to see you. [Cassie doesn’t answer, Jules walks in]

JULES: Are you okay Cass?

CASSIE: What are you doing here?

JULES: You haven’t been replying to my texts, you haven’t been answering my calls. Ric told me you’re not talking to anyone in the house- Cass, what’s wrong? You can tell me, I’m your boyfriend. [Jules sits next to Cassie, she begins to sob] Hey, what is it? [Jules brushes Cassie’s hair out of her eyes, Cassie quickly slaps Jules] Hey! What’s the problem?!

CASSIE: Get out!

JULES: Cass, what’s wrong!?

CASSIE: Just get out!

JULES: Cass, you’re going crazy, what’s wrong with you!? [sally runs in]

SALLY: What’s going on? [Jules walks out] Well at least he got a word out of your mouth. Are you going to tell me what happened? [Cassie wipes a tear out of her eye and rolls over, avoiding Sally. Sally sighs and walks out, closing the door behind her]


[Lucas is writing in his journal, he writes “I don’t know where to begin on this new page. It’s been awhile since the last time I wrote and so much has changed. Everything that happened with Jack a few weeks ago has made my blood boil so hard I wished that he was dead… And that wish is close to being granted… I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad… Though Jack deserved what he received. And he knows it. Belle came around today, I told her to leave, telling her I was drained of energy over Jack’s little accident. Like that was the real reason. Even though we’ve kept our relationship a secret over the past few weeks, something had happened the other night with Ric. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but I woke up that morning with an… Well, you know… I was so confused about it… And still am… Because I slept with Ric, does that make me gay?” Lucas sighs as he closes the journal, and rests on his bed]


[Rachel is eating dinner on her own, Hugh walks through the front door]

HUGH: You started dinner without me?

RACHEL: I was hungry. [There’s a long silence, Hugh seems awkward]

HUGH: Rachel, is everything okay? You’ve been avoiding me all day.

RACHEL: Why don’t you tell me?

HUGH: I’m sorry?

RACHEL: Well you’ve been avoiding me most of the day. Is something bothering you?


RACHEL: Oh, don’t lie to me Hugh! You’re just as bad as Kim. [Rachel gets up and moves away]

HUGH: What are you talking about!?

RACHEL: I know about you and Martha. [Hugh seems surprised] Congratulations, you’re going to be a father! [Rachel walks out the front door, Hugh just stands there in shock]

HUGH: Rach- Rach!


[Emanuel finishes placing files on a wall. The final file is about Peter Baker. Emanuel’s right hand man; Joey (early thirties, brown hair and eyes, really slim) walks up behind him]

JOEY: A tough place to find this town. So small.

EMANUEL: Yet everybody I’ve wanted to get my hands on is in this place. [Emanuel begins to slowly laugh] I’m beginning to wonder if this is just one big dream.

JOEY: So what are you going to do? When are you going to start all this madness?

EMANUEL: You’re a little late Joey, the madness has already began. Starting with Jack Holden.

JOEY: Why… What did you do?

EMANUEL: I gave him a bump on the head with my car. Sheer luck. Small town like this gets talking. They’re all wondering who would be so evil enough to run over an innocent police officer. Lucky for them I’m the only one who knows the truth.

JOEY: And now I know it too.

EMANUEL: Why yes you do. Breathe a word about it and it will be your last.

JOEY: How long are we planning on staying here? I’ve never liked the beach.

EMANUEL: Depends on how long it takes to destroy them all. [Emanuel and Joey look at the files on the wall, there’s 12 of them- one of Jack, Lucas, Tony, Peter, Amanda, Dan, Leah Drew, Hugh, Rachel, Martha and Jules] We’re not going to leave this place until every single one of them is dead.


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Thanks for the comments guys. Next update tomorrow!

I'm going to be honest and tell you that I don't want to get to attatched with this fic because more then likely you will not finish it :P

I'm aiming 100% to finish it Lil, D&D never wrapped up because people stopped reading because I took a few weeks off (exams and such) and it's no use writting when no one reads it :( That's why the D&D stories are wrapping up in here.

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