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Home and Away: The Dark Days

Guest Drew

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Emanuel Gillian was revealed last night by Hugh as Dennis’ brother; as a connection between Tony and Hugh was made. Tony swore on his grave that his boys couldn’t find out the truth about their mother otherwise Jack would want answers, and would end up bringing danger to the Bay. Lucky for Emanuel, he thinks ahead as he got Jack out of the picture. Why is he out for revenge? Another target of his was revealed, Jules. What could Emanuel possibly have against an eighteen year old? Emanuel and Irene went out on their first date just when Dan received some shocking news; Peter received a call about his past, and now he’s missing. As things start to pile against each other, what exactly is Emanuel’s connection to many residents in the bay that he wants to seriously kill off?

CHAPTER FIVE: Sayonara and Hello


[Dan is sitting on the lounge, staring into space as he drinks his coffee, Leah walks in]

LEAH: I’ll be off for work in a second? Will you be okay?

DAN: Yeah, I’ll be fine. [Dan softly chuckles] It’s not like Peter is in serious danger or anything. Otherwise he would of let us know what was going on. [Leah kisses Dan on the forehead]

LEAH: We’ll hear something soon, it will be okay. I’ll see you this afternoon. [Leah walks out as Jules walks in from his bedroom]

JULES: Morning.

DAN: Morning mate. [Dan picks up Jules’ jacket] You left this here last night mate. [Dan smiles as he throws the jacket over to him. Jules stands there frozen] Are you okay mate? You look like you saw a ghost.

JULES: Oh, yeah, yeah. Just a little tired that’s all. [Jules smiles as he walks into his room and takes out the drugs Drew gave him from last night. Staring at them for a few seconds, he opens his draw, taking out a small box. As he opens the box he places the drugs in it. In the box lies many other packets of drugs. Jules sighs as he locks the box, putting it back in the draw]


[belle and Matilda are walking as they hold hands]

MATILDA: What time did you tell everyone to be at your place today?

BELLE: Around lunch time. Is Lucas coming?

MATILDA: No… He asked me if Ric was coming, I told him yes and he found some reason not to go…


MATILDA: They must be fighting or something.

BELLE: Or something. [belle stops as she notices a sign out by a building that’s being renovated] You have got to be kidding me. [Matilda reads the sign also]

MATILDA: How come we didn’t see this on the TV or the magazines? This is some weird dream.

BELLE: No, no. It’s not. I do remember reading something about it a few weeks ago. Lexi Milano is planning to branch out Milano Designs to Sydney and chose Summer Bay because she believes the young youth of this town reflects her work or something.

MATILDA: Milano Designs is moving to Summer Bay? This is like the best day of my life!

BELLE: She’ll be living here like five minutes away from us!

MATILDA: Oh my god! We get to meet Lexi Milano, Belle! [belle and Matilda hug as they jump up and down. A man walks up to them from the buildings]

MAN: Ladies, if you mind and step off this property. It’s private. [belle and Matilda look at each other weird]

MATILDA: Yeah, sure. [The girls giggle as they walk off] I’m sure Lexi Milano will be much nicer.

BELLE: Much nicer.


[belle, Matilda and Jules are sitting on the lounge as they talk and eat junk food]

BELLE: I can’t tell you how excited I am.

JULES: Belle, we get the picture, you’ve been going on about her for the past ten minutes.

BELLE: Yeah, but she’s a celebrity Jules!

MATILDA: And she creates the nicest designs!

BELLE: I wonder where she gets all the talent from.

JULES: No place I want to know. They’re dresses, it’s not like she’s designing plans for the greater use of this world as we enter global warming. [Matilda throws a pillow at him]

BELLE: Where’s Drew?

JULES: He’s sleeping… We had a pretty wild night last night.

BELLE: Oh yeah, the rave. [Ric knocks on the door and enters]

RIC: Hey guys. [Matilda jumps up and leaps into Ric’s arms]

MATILDA: Guess what!

RIC: What?

MATILDA: Lexi Milano is moving to Summer Bay along with her business!

JULES: Oh, not this again.

MATILDA: How exciting is it!? [Ric doesn’t know what to say]

RIC: Ugh… Who?

BELLE: One of the most famous fashion designers in the world. And she’s moving to Summer Bay.

RIC: Okay… Good on her. [Ric sits down as he shakes Jules’ hand]

MATILDA: Oh, you people don’t get it!

JULES: Where’s Cassie?

RIC: Oh, she didn’t want to come.

MATILDA: How is she?

RIC: I’m not sure. We haven’t spoken much over the past few days.

MATILDA: Oh my God! You have to tell me all about Irene’s date last night! Did you see him? Was he cute?

RIC: Aw, does Irene have a boyfriend?

BELLE: She’s over the moon about him. They had dinner on an expensive boat where he took her there by limo. Bought her jewelry worth ten grand, and gave her a kiss goodnight.

RIC: Ohh. Irene’s in loooove.

BELLE: I was pretty suspicious about him though. He arrived in the Bay with no car or phone. It was as if it was some strategic plan to get inside the house and rob us. [belle chuckles]

JULES: What’s his name?

MATILDA: Yeah? Who is this rich guy? [belle thinks for a second]

BELLE: I think she said Emanuel Gilligan? Gillian? Something like that. [Jules’ face drops after hearing his name]

JULES: Gillian?

BELLE: I think so. [Jules seems shocked and looks down, avoiding the other three]

RIC: So is he a millionaire or something?

BELLE: I’m not sure. [belle notices Jules’ strange behavior] Hey, are you okay? Jules? [Jules quickly looks up and changes his facial expressions]

JULES: Um, I just remembered something. I have to go. [Jules quickly gets up and leaves]

RIC: What is it mate?

JULES: Oh it’s nothing. I had to do something for Dan and Leah and I forgot to do it. I’ll see you guys soon. Thanks Belle for the hangout. [Jules runs off]

BELLE: You’re welcome.

MATILDA: I wonder what his problem was?


[Jules enters and reaches for a bag under his bed. He begins to take all his clothes out of his wardrobe as he packs his belongings. Drew walks in]

DREW: Hey mate. [Jules stops what he’s doing]

JULES: Oh, hi. I didn’t think anybody was home.

DREW: I just came back from a surf. [Drew notices the bags] Are you going somewhere mate?

JULES: Ugh, yeah. Something bad has happened in the family. I just need to see them that’s all.

DREW: Oh… Right… Are you coming back?

JULES: Ugh, not sure. [Drew looks on as Jules begins to panic as he packs]

DREW: Are you sure everything is okay? Is it Cassie? Did you two have a fight at Taylor’s?

JULES: No, she wasn’t there. [Jules begins to look around for something]

DREW: Mate, what are you looking for?

JULES: My black shirt with the blue on it.

DREW: It’s outside. [Jules runs out before Drew can ask another question] You’re welcome. [Drew takes out his mobile and rings Ric]

RIC: Hello?

DREW: Ric, it’s Drew. Did something happen at Taylor’s before with Jules?

RIC: Not that I know of, why?

DREW: Oh… It’s just that he’s packing up, leaving town. I thought something may of happened between him and Cassie, he’s been pretty heart broken by it.

RIC: Oh… He seemed fine, then all of a sudden he seemed a little off edge and ran off. I’ll talk to Cassie, maybe something did happen.

DREW: Okay then… Thanks Ric. [Ric hangs up and looks at Belle and Matilda]

RIC: Jules is leaving town.


[Ric enters as he sees Cassie sitting on her bed]

RIC: Do you feel like some company? [Ric weakly smiles, so does Cassie]

CASSIE: A little bit. [Ric sits on the bed]

RIC: Jules’ is leaving town.


RIC: And we may think it has something to do with you.


RIC: Well the man is pretty heartbroken after what you did to him. [Cassie turns away]

CASSIE: So what do you want me to do? Chase after him, take him back so everything can go back to normal?

RIC: Cassie… What happened between you two?

CASSIE: It’s nothing.

RIC: Well it has to be something big for Jules to leave town.

CASSIE: Ric, I do not care if Jules leaves town or not, okay.

RIC: Okay. [Ric seems a little awkward as he steps away from Cassie and leaves her room]


[Jules walks out of his room with his bags, Drew is waiting on the lounge]

JULES: Can you tell Leah and Dan thanks for everything.

DREW: What, you’re leaving now?

JULES: It’s an emergency.

DREW: What type of an emergency?

JULES: The type that you don’t need to know about.

DREW: How are you going to get there?

JULES: I’ll hitch hike or something. [Drew laughs] I’m serious man, I have to fend for myself.

DREW: Will you be back?

JULES: Depends.


JULES: On how this place turns out in a few months.

DREW: What’s that supposed to mean?

JULES: You’ll see. [Jules walks towards the door] Thanks for everything mate. [Jules gives Drew a hug]


[Jules is walking along the road, a car drives past, Jules waves out but they keep on driving]

JULES: Yeah, thanks for nothing! You prick!

[A car passes the “welcome to Summer Bay” sign. A girl in her late teens (sandy hair, hazel eyes, very attractive) drives the car. She notices Jules on the side of the road and pulls over]

JESS: [Jess smiles as Jules walks up to the car smiling] Hi there.

JULES: Hey… [Jules begins to check out the car] Good wheels!

JESS: Where you headed?

JULES: Out of this town.

JESS: Well I’m sorry I can’t be any assistance. I’m moving here.

JULES: You’re moving here in the middle of the night?

JESS: We all have our secrets. Maybe you should stick around, instead of leaving? [Jules doesn’t know what to say as he’s overwhelmed with excitement]

JULES: Where you moving too?

JESS: Sunny Cove road. The mansion that went up for sale a few months ago.

JULES: Right. [Jules scratches his head with a huge grin]

JESS: Maybe I’ll see you around?

JULES: Yeah, for sure. [Jess drives off as Jules stands there, laughing] What’s you’re name.

JESS: You don’t know who I am? [Jess smiles as she bites her lip] I’m Jess, Jessica Milano.

JULES: Really?

JESS: You don’t recognize me? [Jules shakes his head] I’m the face of Milano Designs. And believe me honey, by the time I’m finished in this town, everybody is going to know who Jess Milano is. [Jess grins as she drives off, leaving Jules on the side of the road]


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Thanks Andy!

Sorry for the long delay of an update. 3 exams in the past 2 days :( some spoilers though :P

- Which resident from Emanuel's past gives another resident a very detailed and violent background about Emanuel's past?

- New girl Jess has a few guys under her spell

- Emanuel reveals his next target

- Jules connects with the very unexpected and soon begins to regret his decision

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That may just happen Andy :P ^^


Reaching too much heartache and despair over his breakup with Cassie, Jules hit a new all time low when discovering the man Irene is going out with; appears to be a man from his past. What’s the possible connection between Jules and Emanuel? Freaking out, Jules quickly left the bay within a night, bumping into new girl Jess just before his departure as she made her way to the bay. Matilda and Belle discovered their Idol was moving to the bay, and although Emanuel and Irene’s date went terribly well, just what exactly does Emanuel have planned next for his targets in Summer Bay?


[Ric, Drew and Matilda are lying down on the sand tanning, talking]

RIC: Have you heard from Jules mate?

DREW: He sent me a text this morning, he’s with his parents at the moment.

MATILDA: I thought Jules didn’t talk to his parents?

RIC: Who told you that?

MATILDA: He did, a couple weeks ago.

RIC: Funny. Every time I mention his parents he quickly changes the subject. [Ric looks at Drew]

DREW: Don’t look at me mate, I know as much as you two. Jules has never mentioned his parents to me. He’s always so cold about the subject. [Ric itches his arm and looks up, something catches his eye; a half naked girl running out of the surf]

RIC: I think we should change the subject also. Check out that bird. [Matilda arises from her towel]

MATILDA: Where? [Matilda looks around, she then notices Ric is talking about the half naked girl and whacks him across the head]

RIC: Ouch! [Drew laughs and also gets up, seeing her walking towards them who appears to be Jess. Jess laughs as she notices all three smiling at them]

JESS: Hi boys.

RIC: Hi. [Matilda rolls her eyes and lies back down]

DREW: Do I know you?


DREW: Should I know you?

JESS: That depends. [Drew smirks as he looks at Ric]

DREW: On what?

JESS: On where we go from here.

RIC: You look familiar. Do you live here?

JESS: I just moved here last night.

RIC: Oh… I swear I’ve seen you before. [Matilda arises and stares at Jess, she gets a small shock]

MATILDA: Oh my God! You’re Jess Halliwell! [Jess stupidly tries to hide her embarrassment]

RIC: Who?

DREW: Guys you’re ruining my moment.

MATILDA: She’s the face of Halliwell Designs! [Ric also seems shocked]

RIC: Oh! Oh! I was the one who stole your magazine a few weeks ago Mattie! The one that she was in! To do… [Ric pauses awkwardly]

DREW: And there it goes. [Jess begins to blush]

JESS: I’m flattered.

MATILDA: I’m pissed. [Matilda whacks Ric across the head]

RIC: Hey!

DREW: Maybe I’ll see you around?

JESS: Believe me mate, I’ll be all around you. Every where you go, I’ll be surrounding you. [Jess smiles and walks off] You better be prepared for me mate.

DREW: She wants me.


[Jules is sitting by the bar, drinking a beer. A woman in her late thirties (sandy hair, green eyes, attractive for her ages) sits next to Jules]

WOMAN: I’ll have a beer thanks.

BARTENDER: Sure thing. [Jules seems depressed as he stares at his beer, the woman notices it and looks at him]

WOMAN: Let me guess. Drowning your sorrows in a bar, after some major mistakes in your life? [Jules looks at her and laughs rudely]

JULES: Alright, whatever. [Jules turns away, the woman sighs and moves up a seat next to Jules]

WOMAN: What’s the problem? Did your girlfriend dump you? Did your mummy throw you out of the house? Is your dad a killer? [The woman laughs. Jules says nothing] My God this is serious. Tell me darling, what’s the matter?

JULES: What’s it to you?

WOMAN: Just a conversation. God knows, I need it.

JULES: Well what are you doing here by yourself?

WOMAN: Taking a break from this dreadful world.

JULES: Did your husband cheat on you? [Jules laughs]

WOMAN: No, he killed himself. But that’s beside the point. Who are you? Where are you from?

JULES: To tell you the truth. I have no idea who I am or where I’m from.

WOMAN: Oh, the classic case of amnesia. This seems exciting. [Jules looks at her weird and laughs]

JULES: Who are you?


[Cassie is lying on her bed. There’s a knock on the door, Matilda walks in]

MATILDA: Hey… Sally let me in.

CASSIE: How are you? [Matilda’s eyes widen]

MATILDA: So you’re talking now? [Matilda smiles]

CASSIE: I just need a few days to myself, that’s all.

MATILDA: Why? Cassie what happened?

CASSIE: I don’t want to talk about it.

MATILDA: That’s fine, I’m not going to force you to tell me if you don’t want to. But just so you know, I am here for you. [Cassie smiles and hugs Matilda]

CASSIE: I miss him so much.


CASSIE: Jules.

MATILDA: Well why did you slap him for?

CASSIE: I’m just going though a rough patch at the moment. I don’t know what’s happening to me… I regret it though. I love him Matilda.

MATILDA: Do you know that he left town? [Cassie begins to sob and nods] We’re not sure for how long though. It seemed so sudden.

CASSIE: What if he doesn’t ever turn up again? I need him right now!

MATILDA: Why? Cassie, please, what’s going on? [Cassie just stares at Matilda]


[Jules is lying awake on a bed. There are noises of cars and trains in the background. His phone begins to ring, Jules rolls over and answers; whispering]

JULES: Hello?

MATILDA: Jules, it’s Matilda.

JULES: Matilda? What’s wrong?

MATILDA: I just wanted to know if you’re coming back to the Bay anytime soon. [There’s a silence] Well, are you?

JULES: It’s complicated.

MATILDA: Well you better sought it out because Cassie needs you! [Jules laughs]

JULES: Yeah, that will be right. She made it perfectly clear she didn’t want to speak to me again.

MATILDA: Well she was lying because she needs you! I don’t know what happened between you two, or why she’s so quiet, but she confided in me Jules… She needs you! [Jules sighs]

JULES: I just can’t come back to the bay. It’s not that simple.

MATILDA: Make it simple! The reason you left was because of Cassie, now that you know she wants you; come back!

JULES: That’s not the reason why I left.

MATILDA: Then what was it?

JULES: I can’t say.

MATILDA: Well you better tell me, or Cassie at least. Because I saw how broken hearted she was before. She is an emotional and upset!

JULES: Matilda, I am not putting my life in danger by coming back to the bay! Okay!

MATILDA: Danger? From who? Why are you whispering so softly?

JULES: I don’t want to say anything more. Goodnight. [Jules hangs up and turns off his phone. Jules takes a deep sigh as he rests back in bed, as a woman rolls over and smiles next to him- the woman from the bar]

WOMAN: You’re in danger? [The woman chuckles] No wonder why you’re so on edge. [The woman rolls over again, facing her back to Jules, Jules seems upset as he scratches his bare naked chest]


[Emanuel is standing in front of all his files pinned to his wall. His right hand man Joey enters]

JOEY: I have news for you.

EMANUEL: What is it?

JOEY: Your sister is doing her part of the job greatly. She’s been following them just liked you asked.

EMANUEL: And what exactly is the news?

JOEY: She’s planning on wooing the old man. Worm herself into the family to get her hands on everything they own. [Emanuel begins to softly chuckle]

EMANUEL: I had no idea she was in the bay. [Emanuel begins to run his hands across all the files]

JOEY: Any news on the cop in the coma?

EMANUEL: Not that I know of. Not that I care.

JOEY: So… Whose your next target? [Emanuel slyly smiles as he looks at all the files, pointing at one]

EMANUEL: His father. [Emanuel pulls away from Tony’s file as he walks up the stairs of the basement]


+ A catfight between to residents erupts

+ Will Rachel and Hugh get back on track?

+ A loved one returns to the Bay- with bad news!

+ Emanuel comes face to face with one of his targets

+ The moment Belle and Matilda have been waiting for…

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