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Madeline McCann

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I'm actually very frightened about this story. I was thinking about it all last night. How does everyone else feel about her story. I have an article which I'll put up soon. Oh, and it's her 4th birthday today :(

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This si taken from the 'Irish Independent'. the date of the newspaper is 11.5.07...

Title: Suspicious woman, two men scoured resort for a blond girl, claim locals.

A women and two men suspected of kidnapping Madeleine McCann may have spent several days hunting for a little blond girl to abduct in the holiday resort of the algarve.

The woman with the girl resembling Madeleine was caught on security cameras at a motorway petrol station five miles north of the apartment in Praia da Luz from where Madeleine was abducted last thursday.

The woman, who is in her 40's and has blond, shoulder-lenght hair, drove off with two men in a car with british numberplates. British police have been asked to help identify the car, but are missing the final three letters of registration.

A cashier at the Galp petrol station told police it appeared that the girl "wanted to say something and was forced to be there".

The service station is the first stop on the motorway that cuts across the Algarve towards Spain, which is less than an hour away.

Portugese police are said to be focusing their research on the possibility that Madeleine was abducted by an organised Paedophile network.

Days before Madeleine's abduction, a blond woman was seen with a man who was taking photographs of of young blond girls in the resort of Sagres, about 20 miles from Praia de Luz.

When Nuno Lourenco the father of one of the girls aged four, challenged the photographer, he fled in a car driven by a woman. The car, a grey Renault Clio, was later confirmed to ahve had false numberplates.

Mr. Lourenco, who is married to a German with whom he also had a two-year-old son, used his mobile phone to take a photograph of the man. This was used as the basis for the first computer generated sketch of one of the suspected abducters.

Madeleine, from Leicester, was taken from her bed at the Ocean club resort as her parents, Kate and Gerry had dinner at a nearby restaurant.

A witness had told portuguese police that a blond woman was seen close ro the window of Madeleine's bedroom about the time that she disappeared, and Adriano Marais, a waiter, has reported the suspicious activities of a man who appeared to be watching tourists and made repeated phone calls at a pay telephone.

Sorry, but the article goes on for quite a bit and this is all I can post for now. Sorry. I'll see if I can type up more tomorrow. :)

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I'm surprised this thread has only just been started, given that it's been the main story since she went missing.

It's such a tragic situation. Every time I think about, I fill up. Especially knowing that today is her 4th birthday. However, her family have said that her party is being put 'On hold' and they'll have it once she returns, which is such a brave thing to do.

What amount is the prize fund at? Is it 2.5 million? Hopefully, this will help. I just hope she is found safe and well soon.

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I hope she is alive and well.

But I just don't get why the parents left her and the twins in the apartment all alone..

Me too, Cal.

Hmm, I don't know. But if the parents were as close to the apartment as they claim to have been, then I don't really know what else they could've done. It's not always practical to take young children out to dinner on holiday. Okay, so they could've got a listening service or a babysitter, but they both involve putting your children in the care of strangers and so there's still a chance there could've been paedophiles lurking. The other suspicious thing is that her twin siblings were left. This makes me think that it was a premediated attack and that maybe she has been taken to order. And police profilers have been saying that they think that because of the fact that it seems to have been planned, it's more likely to be a child trafficking thing rather than paedophilia. Which means that she might still be alive.

I've been reading a lot of media coverage about it today and it literally makes me cry. I can't remember the last time a news article did that to me.

If any of you have MySpace, go here and put it as your top friend to try and spread the word.

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It's such a shame ..... I just hope she is found soon ... unharmed!

Part of The Sun article today:

THE Sun today urges Britain to show support for the anguished family of snatched tot Madeleine McCann — by wearing yellow clothing in her honour.

We want our army of readers to show they are shoulder-to-shoulder with Kate and Gerry McCann during the agonising wait for news of their missing four-year-old.

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