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Madeline McCann

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According to the website it's both. The website is called codeamber, but I think they refer to the actual alerts as amber alerts :wink:

I agree, that should be all over the world. Also if you look on the website they have developed the project further and has these sticks you can use to get information to the police faster. Clever.

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It's seriously sick what some people are capable of doing in the world today. I agree, the 'Amber Alert' should be put into place all over the world, it's better to do something rather than nothing...I know it's in parts, if not all, of America, but does anyone know if the 'Amber Alert' is in place anywhere else?

The poor family of the girl aswell. That must be a living nightmare to have to go through, i just hope the people responsible would have a heart and return Madeline to her family, she's probably frightened aswell. :(

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Everytime I think about her I want to cry.

How can someone keep her knowing all the pain she and her family must be going through.

It makes me so angry.

I just want her to be safe.

Is it too much for people to do to find a place in their heart and return her to where she belongs, safe and sound with her family.

If you have Bebo please become a groupie of this band:

Bring Her Home Safe - A Madeline McCann Support Group

It isn't mine, but its a lovely tribute.

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This is from a few news channels, they're reporting similar stories with a diferent slants on them

From what I can gather

1. a villa 150 yards from the maddies holiday app. has been sealed off.

2. It is owned by a British widower 71 yrs.

3. her son is a frequent visitor

4. there are more than two people being questioned

5. noone has been arested

6. 1 member of a forensic team has been seen in the villa.

7. so far there is NO sign of maddie.

MAY SHE COME HOME SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The son of the owner of the villa has been named as Robert Murat. Him, his mother and another Portuguese man have been detained by police, but they haven't been arrested. He was only reported to police after journalists became suspicious of him because he was apparently hanging around the scene where Madeleine went missing and he appeared to be "authoritative" - crossing the police line, etc. However, when he was probed further, he admitted to just being a local man who is bilingual in Portuguese and English and had reportedly being helping the family translate statements, etc.

Source: ITV news bulletin

Edit: The trio caught on CCTV have been dismissed in the investigation, as has the suspicious man who was spotted taking pictures of blonde girls on the beach.

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When i heard that about Robert Murrat, my face literally lit up! But then they said he had been released, my heart goes out to the Kate and Gerry, personally i think madeline could be in Spain as you can cross the Portaguese border into Spain without a passport. Lets try and keep this topic going and active for as long as possible-remember the more publicitity the better!!!!

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