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FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2007

Guest Perry

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No 44. Holly Brisley

No 42. Melissa George

No 30. Tammin Sursok

No 28. Sharni Vinson

No 27. Jodi Gordon

No 4. Isabel Lucas...

So Isabel, how does it feel to be the fourth sexiest woman on the planet?

To be quiet serious, I don't take the polls too seriously. I guess it's flattering but it's bizarre. To be judged in a poll of who is the most beautiful, I think that whole concept is bizarre. How do you know, you haven't met anyone?

A, good point. Do you see yourself as a sex symbol?

I don't think about that too much. I like to think of myself as an actor.

You are! So what do you think maked a woman sexy?

i think it's each to their own, because everybody has their own reason why they find someone beautiful.

Who would get your vote as the sexiest woman in the world?

Lauren Hill, she has stunning eyes. And I like her music. She's an artist.

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Okay, I'm confused! The original poster is Australian and so I presume he got the figures from an Australian magazine. Is FHM the same all over the world? When they do polls do they use the same ones for each country's version of the magazine, if that makes sense? 'Cause I find it a bit odd that six Australian actresses from one soap would feature on the 100 Sexiest Women in the World - that's like 6% of the list.

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Even though it's sexiest woman in thw world, each region of FHM has their own poll so it's really only the sexiest woman in Australia. After all, Isabel Lucas is hardly six if it was a worldwide poll, she isn't even known in America.

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I can understand her not wanting her photographs in these magazines (that was what she sued them over), but she could be a bit more gracious about being in the poll. It's meant as a compliment after all. Ok, so she's an actress and wants people to focus on her acting rather than her looks, but I don't see why she can't be appreciated for both. If she was butt ugly, I doubt she'd get the roles she does. :P

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