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The End Of The Road? (by Lilone) - comments


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Yay you posted it!! :D

I love it TONNES Lil! Pete and Lara - much better than Panda :wub:

The description and dialogue was fantastic - and I think there's chemistry :P

Lol can just picture Jack catching them, too!! Would be hilarious!! :lol:

More soon (ish) please - it's terrific! :D

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This is a great story. I really like Pete and Lara together. I always thought that they would make a good couple. It would be funny if Jack caught them because i want to see how the try and explain their way out of this situation. Look forward to reading the next part.

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That was a great update. I loved it how Drew was giving Peter a hard time about being caught skinny dipping. It was great how Dan was joining in to a lesser degree as well. Im looking forward to reading about Peter and Laras heart to heart and the devastating accident.

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Omg, that was absolutely hillarious. Awesomely written, Lil. Loved it to bits.

Can't wait for their heart-to-heart. Another accident? What's it with Peter and accidents of some kind? :P

And, I have to admit, Drew is one cheeky lil boy. :P

Update soon. :D

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