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Endless Love

Guest ~Rosey~

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Dedicated to the founders of the JM Crew

Rachel, Kat, Sam, Tasha and Becky and Me!

Type of story: undecided

Rating: T

Main Characters: Jack/Martha

Genre: Drama/Romance

Warnings: Dont think so...yet

Is Story being proof read: No

Summary: {Will edit when i have figured this out}

Heyy all. heres a new fic that me and Sam (Sam =]) have written. Its Jack and Martha based (really...who would have guessed?! :P). Anyway, this first bit was written by me, because I was in a rush. I've shown sam and she says I can post it. So i'm just going to call this Chapter 0 :P Sam and me have deicded to write a chapter each, then to post it :)


EDIT: To mention...Olivia's 3 years of age.

Chapter 0

yes, i do realize it short, but thats because its almost 2am.

Olivia looked up at her Mummy stomach, which was getting bigger and bigger as the days went by. They were both wondering when this baby was going to be born. It was 2 weeks overdue, and soon enough, the labor might have to be induced. Martha didn’t want that. She just wanted a normal pregnancy like she had has with Olivia.

One morning, she was sitting on the lounge chair watching Play School with Olivia. Jack was in the bathroom getting ready to go to work, when suddenly Martha felt like she had wet her pants. But then she realized. Her waters had just broke. She didn’t want to scare Olivia, so she called out to Jack to come here. He came running and Martha pointed to the wet patch on the lounge. Jack was amazed. At first he thought that Martha has wet her pants, but then she saw that she was in pain. She made sure Olivia didn’t see any of this. As much as Olivia did want the baby to be born, I don’t think she needed to see how much pain Martha was in.

Her contractions only lasted about one minute, and then they settled.

“Martha, are you going to be okay here if I run next door for a sec and get Rachel?†Jack asked her.

“Just hurry. I don’t want to have the baby alone†she replied.

Jack sped off like a racing car, and knocked hard and fast on Rachel’s door. She answered and Jack quickly explained what was going on. Rachel ran back to Martha place and gave them instructions on what to do. Jack was going to drive her to the hospital and Olivia was going to wait at their house with Rachel.

Jack carried Martha off into the car, taking her pillows and the bag that had been sitting at the front door packed with stuff. Martha didn't know weather to be happy or sad. happy because she was finally giving birth to this thing, or sad because she was in a great deal of pain.

Their car drove off, and Rachel was sitting next to Olivia on the lounge. She had put a towel down because Martha had wet it. She knew it was only water, but she was waiting for it to dry. The 2 girls finished watching play school together, and only then did Olivia realize that her mummy and daddy had gone. She started crying

“Where Mummy and Daddy†she managed to ask Rachel in-between sobs.

Rachel was like an auntie to her. She was very good friends with Martha and she and Kim had come over to dinner a lot. So Olivia was glad she was with someone she knew.

“Sweetheart, your mummy went to the hospital to have a baby. Were going to go there as soon as its born†Rachel answered, staring at the little girl.

Olivia stopped crying and smiled at Rachel. She was finally going to get a baby brother or sister. Olivia then fell asleep on the lounge, and Rachel carried her to her room. She hoped he would sleep for a while because she knew if she were going to the hospital later, she would get very tired. Suddenly the phone rang, which woke Olivia up.

“Holden residence†Rachel answered, not knowing what else to say

“Hi, Rachel. It me, Jack. I’ve just calling to let you know that Martha had a baby girl, and she wants to see Olivia. Could you please bring her down here when you can?†Jack informed her

“Yeah sure. She just woke up so I’ll give her some lunch, and bring her down†She replied.

“Thanks. Cya†and with that, Jack was gone.

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Damn chapter. i just noticed it has these little †in them, and i don't know wear they came from. It might just be my computer. Ah well. sorry.

And thanks Becky :P And yeah, it was Sam's idea because I got the choice of the new baby.

Why am i always missing posts?! Lol. Thanks also Laineyloo

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Great job on that chapter Rosey.

I can't get on msn again my accout wont log in on this computer for some reason. But when my sister get off the other computer I will try and get on.

And yes Becky Olivia was my idea becasue Olivia was here the day we decided to write it. You already stole Ava which will be the new cousins name so we couldn't use it.

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