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Obscure Couples

Guest Danifan

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Do you have any favourite Home and Away couples that no one else seemed to like that much together. Apart from Ric & Matilda i've never really loved any of the so called 'popular couples' in soaps i always seem to go for cute couples that never quite catch on or stay together.

For example i absolutely loved Will and Dani as a couple as they had great chemistry and just seemed really genuine together. Alhough i know these two do have their fans so they aren't that obscure.

Another couple i really liked was Harry and Shauna as they seemed well suited and i was sad even if no one else was that they never ended up together and that she ended up with Jude.

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One of the first couples (after Shane and Angel) i really got to love was Jesse and Selina and i really hated Chloe for trying to come between them. I never really liked either of them with anyone else after that as i loved them so much together.

Also before Noah and Hayley (who i loved as a couple), i was a fan of Mitch/Hayley. :)

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Flynn and Sally.......but Flynn (mark one) was worse. Just couldn't put my finger on it.

The worst one I could think of now would be Alf and Irene or Alf and Coleen

Are you shure you understood this topic or am i stupid? :P Was Alf ever with Irene or Colleen? And who doesn't like Flynn and Sally? :o

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There was something about Jade and Seb I liked, I also liked Rhys and Shelley, which a lot of people seem to dislike for what they did to Beth. I also liked Sam and Hayley because they were together around the time I started watching H&A regularly. My dream couple was Nick and Seb. I'm not the biggest slash fan, but I was when it came to those two.

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