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I Hope You Dance

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Story Title: I hope you Dance

Type of story: Undecided

Main Characters: Martha, Cam, Jack and others.

BTTB rating: T

Genre: Mixture

Does story include spoilers? Yes

Any Warnings? SC V/D

Summary: Set a few weeks into the future, Jack closes down the rocket club because of illegal drug dealers. Can Martha learn to forgive Jack? Or will she stay under Cam's spell.

I hope you dance

Hey guys, yes I've got a new fic, but I won't be forgetting about my other ones, this is just to help me get back into writing, so it probably won't be all that long, but then again I can't promise that.

I will warn you again just to be safe, this may contain spoilers.

There's a few things you should note about this fic:

This is set a few weeks in the future

Cam and Martha live in the apartment above the dinner

Martha hasn't gotten into pole dancing

Chapter number 1. Your not sorry

Jack sat across the table as he staired at his hands completely lost in another world far away with the fairies, he'd really done it this time; she hated him, it was official. He didn't blame her ether, he was just trying to help, but if he had been in her shoes and had Jack Holden trying to change the new person he'd become, he'd probably hate himself too.

It had all happened so quickly in Jack's mind, one second he was being ordered by his boss to get his but over too the rocket club in Yabbie creek over some underage teenagers drinking outside that had been caught by Cam, and the next he was standing in front of some illegal druggies that had managed to sneak there way into the place. So without even thinking he did what any police officer would of done, he arrested the guys, and closed down the club from illegal business on the premises.

Most of it was a blur, just the usual interview, the druggies that claim to be completely innocent and really it wasn't what it looked like... honestly, 'I didn't do it, really, it wasn't drugs', huh, yeah right. Then their was the bar owner that claims that he had no idea, which he probably didn't, but it was beside the point it was still happening, and on his premises so really all the blame goes straight on him, which probably wasn't fair, but at that point Jack really couldn't care any less than he already did about Cam's problems..... and then something out of the ordinary happened that completely shock him.

He'd been in the office that he had shared with Peter since he got back to work after his accident filling paperwork on the newly developed case that he had to send into HQ the next day, then the door opened and closed with force. Martha was in front of him, she looked angry and upset. "How could you do it Jack? It wasn't even Cam's fault!" she screamed, as soon as the door shut, she wasn't waisting any time in tearing into him.

"Look Martha-" he started, but nothing he said could change anything, she would side with him, as she always did these days, along with all her new friends that Jack hated so much. From the first time Jack met them, he knew they weren't the type of people that Martha would usually associate herself with.

Ever since Jack had found out what she was up to in the Rocket club, he'd been trying to get her out of there, but he had failed so many times that now she resented him completely, he should of gone to more extreme measures sooner, but he hadn't, and now he was paying the price for it. First he'd tried reminding her of how uncomplicated things had been back before she found out who Ash really was, he'd taken her out for the day and just helped her laugh again, just like she used too, but after that she only got in deeper, then he'd tried other things like trying to get her her job back at Noah's, but she'd refused to take it, he even tried to get his dad to patch things up with Martha, but that only came and spat back at his face, now closing the Rocket club had been his last straw, and he'd blown it again.

"That's what I thought" she answered, glaring at him after a few seconds of Jack being completely gob smacked. "Do you have any idea how hard Cam worked to get to where he is now, and you came in and completely ruined fifteen years of hard work for him. Look I know you're trying to help me, but I don't need help Jack, why can't you just get that" she yelled, she'd really had enough of him, and frankly she didn't know what had made her want to even date him in the first place, let alone Marry him.

"I'm sor-"

"Don't even say it Jack!" she snapped, "No your not sorry" she cried. If there was one sentence Jack Holden seemed to use the most it was definitely without any contest; 'I'm sorry'. The thing was, he never seemed to be able to keep himself out of situations that resulted in him saying just that.

"Just stay away from me Jack" she added, "and if your really sorry then you'll get Cam out of this mess, he didn't do it, he really didn't. If he'd known they were doing drugs then they would have been bared from the club in a flash, he'd never tolerate that" she explained, "he might not seem like that kind of person at first, but he is, he's so much better than you or Sally or Tony and any of the others make him out to be, I just with you could see that" she finished, by now she'd moved so that she was only about half a meter away from Jack, she could see that he was hurting, and probably trying to hide it to, but he was failing miserably "I also know you think he's not good for me".

"Which he's not" Jack argued.

"Jack" Martha snapped again, he really seemed to know just how to get to her really well. "He is good for me, he looks after me, and he makes me feel safe, so what it you don't like him, you might think the world revolves around you, but hate to break it to you, it doesn't, and I never asked for your approval".

"Martha what ever happened to you?" Jack asked softly, she'd changed so much, so much that he hardly knew her anymore, she might still be the same on the inside, but she didn't show it.

"Jack, I just changed a bit, I'm still the same person".

"No your not" Jack answered back bluntly, shaking his head slightly.

Martha just staired at him, maybe he was right, but she wasn't about to admit it. "Just make sure Cam doesn't go down for this ok?" and with that she left, closing the door hard behind her.

"Whatever princess" Jack muttered under his breath in the now silent office.


That was why she hated him, he'd ruined her new life, although most divorced couples generally hated each other, so really it wasn't that unusual. But they were different, even when they were both seeing different people, they still managed to be friends and be happy for each other.

He'd tried calling her to make things up to her, he'd left voice mail and sent her text messages, and still their had been no word from her since their argument earlier that day. He'd tried getting Cam out of the big mess he'd put him in, but his boss wouldn't have it, "Cam should of known what was going on in his own club" he had told him, "and if he tells us he didn't know, then he's probably lying".

Lying or not, it didn't matter to Jack, what mattered was getting Martha to trust him again, so he could bring her back out of the dangerous world she'd got herself into.


"How are you feeling?" Cam asked softly as Martha came out from having a shower in the apartment above the dinner that he'd been living in with her for the past week.

"Not much better, what about you?" she answered taking in a deep breath. In some ways she felt responsible for all this, if Jack hadn't of been trying to 'make sure she was alright' even thought she was perfectly fine, then this probably wouldn't of happened, not that Cam would let her believe it, he'd kept telling her that Jack being there had nothing to do with her, he was there because of the underage drinkers, but she still couldn't help but feel bad.

"Not to good" he replied, holding her hand gently and guiding her to sit down next to her. "I just wish their was a way to prove that I had nothing to do with the drugs" he explained, still miserable, today had been a big loss, he'd worked so hard, and now it was over, and their was nothing he could do about it.

"Hey it's not over yet" Martha encouraged him, trying to sound positive, "the club's not officially closed down , and you still haven't got a criminal record, it still has to go to court first, and were going to prove it wasn't your fault, ok"

Cam smiled slightly, he'd really been lucky with her, "Yeah, your right" he agreed, still sad, "but it's still hard to deal with".

"Yeah I know, it's hard for all of us" she sighed, before giving him a kiss. "How about I make us some dinner?"

"No remember I promised I was cooking tonight" Cam stopped her, "so you sit down and let me cook up a storm".

"Ok, on arguments from me".

"Good, because I wasn't about to take no for an answer" he told her. "Oh and before I forget, your mobile was ringing it's self off the hook while you were in the shower".

"Oh ok, thanks" she answered before reaching for it out of her bag, only too see that all the missed calls were from Jack. "Well that's just great, when is he going to get the message to stay out of my life" she muttered under her breath.

"What was that?" Cam asked, not understanding what she had just said.

"Oh nothing" Martha lied, "just talking to myself" she explained, chucking her phone back in her bag and sitting up in the couch.

"Aren't you going to call them back?"

"Nope" she shot out, she probably sounded like a snob at the moment, but she didn't care, there would have to be a cold day in hell before she talked to Jack after the stunt that he pulled that morning.

"Who was it?"


"Oh" Cam answered before stopping what he was doing and looking over at her from where he stood behind the kitchen bench, "Look Martha, maybe you should call him back" he suggested.

"No, not after today" she shot out.

"I know you think what happened today was his fault-"

"Maybe that might be because it was" she butted in bluntly, rolling her eyes, if she didn't know better she would of sworn he was about to stick up for Jack.

"No it wasn't" Cam answered calmly, taking Martha completely by surprise.

"But-" she started, losing her words, how could he not blame Jack, it was because of Jack that his business he'd worked for for so long now balance on a string. "But he..."

"If it wasn't him, then it would have been someone else" he shrugged simply before going back to cutting up some tomato's.

Completely dumbfounded, Martha didn't say a word, she blinked a few times trying to process what he'd just said... he was right, if it wasn't Jack it would have been someone else, but that didn't change the fact that she was really sick of him right now.

"Maybe you should give him a call" Cam suggested again, "just to make sure every thing's alright".

"Maybe later" Martha sighed before getting up, "Anyway, lets just forget about that for now, how about I go down stairs and get us some desert for later?" she suggested.

"Yeah sounds great".

Please tell me what you think

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Great start!

Why is Cam being so nice and understanding? I wonder if he's generally going to be like that in the fic, or, has he got an ulterior motive?? :blink:

I hope this is a long fic :) Can't wait to read more.

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Great start!

Why is Cam being so nice and understanding? I wonder if he's generally going to be like that in the fic, or, has he got an ulterior motive?? :blink:

Thats exactly what im wondering! Its like hes been abducted by aliens and replaced by a ..... a .... a nice person lol (sorry couldnt think of any better words)

Im loving this fic already, excellent writing!

Poor Jacky, he always tries to do the right thing where Marthas concerned, he always tries to protect her, but it always backfires on him! Poor baby :(

Update soon, loving this :)

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Poor Jacky, he always tries to do the right thing where Marthas concerned, he always tries to protect her, but it always backfires on him! Poor baby :(

Thats true and I hate Martha in this fic!

Love the fic though awesome!

More soon xxx

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