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Shane's Death

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We saw Angel get into the ambulance when Shane was taken away, but what about Dylan, who we didn't see go anywhere?

Are we meant to believe that Angel left her son with strangers, at the lookout? Dr. Kelly called Travis to pick Dylan up, and take him to the Ross's. Later, we find out that he also picked up the balloons from the lookout. Was Dylan there too?

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Nah his funeral was off-screen, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m almost possitve they had the funeral interstate so Nick and his mum…etc could be there. Though we saw the lead up to it with Angel getting ready and crying in front of her mirror with pics of her, Shane and Dylan stuck up all around it. There was also the storyline of Damien giving Angel books to read about death and religion, which she was up all night reading. We had Angel and Dylan scattering Shane's ashes into the sea, with flashbacks and all that...etc

I think the writers probably avoided giving him an on-screen funeral due to the one that was planned for Michael, later in the year, a good idea imo, though it would have been cool to see Nick again, but I didn’t miss not having an on-screen funeral for Shane, the death and aftermath was spot on, it didn’t need it.

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