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Favourite not-a-regular character of all time?

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I hope they bring him back because he was great. I thought the character was really interesting compared to others. They could write him back in if they wanted to and hopefully the actor would be up for returning at some point.

My favourite non regular character has to be Felix Walters, played wonderfully by Josh Lawson. I wasn't expecting to like the character all that much but I completely fell and hated the way he left.

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Well, I'd definitely say Cornelia Frances as Morag, but in fact, in my mind I class her as a regular so she doesn't count in my vote :D

Instead, I'm going to say without any shadow of a doubt Maggie Kirkpatrick as 'The Guv/ Viv'. I loved both of her appearances so much; the first when Dani was in prison and she was a real thug who had power over all the prisoners yet at the same time seemed to have a soft spot for Dani even though she'd never show it or admit it.

Then when they brought her back in 2004 it was brilliant, and I think that storyline was executed to a really high standard. Seeing her and Alf reunited, finding out about their past and then the huge revelation that she had given birth to Alf's child and got him adopted. Some of the best stuff in recent years in my opinion. :)

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